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<p>Meet Julian Barajas, a lovable ball of fun who&#39;s from Arlington, VA. When he&#39;s not trying to make it look like he knows how to play basketball, soccer, or other cool sport you think is cool, he&#39;s listening to music from his favorite artists such as NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, LFO, Jesse McCartney, Usher, early Chris Brown or pretty much anything else. He attends Bowdoin College where he studies Government and hosts a radio show, mentors hilarious kids, and explores the outdoors with the outing club. If you want to learn more about his wacky adventures and what kind of person he is, check out his blog where he posts rhymes, raps, poetry, and stories.</p>

2015 Fall
Home University:
Bowdoin College
Political Science

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Julian Barajas,

Christmas in Graná - Single

HELLO LISTENERS!!!! This is my last post.......kinda. You'll see. Anyways, this is a Christmas song, and you'll love it. Lots of inspiration came from the...

Julian Barajas,

It's All Good! - Single

HELLO LISTENERS!! This is it. The first post of the last two songs of December, (plus a hidden bonus track when I return maybe). This song is about, well...

Julian Barajas,

A Song To You From Me

LISTENERS!! THIS SONG IS FOR YOU! This song is a song for you from me. I give a couple points and tips for anyone thinking about going abroad and want to a know...

Julian Barajas,

Morocco - Single

HEY EVERYBODY!! How is everything listeners? It's November. Reaching the tail-end of my abroad experience. At the end of October to the beginning of November my...

Julian Barajas,

The Dreamer - Single

LISTENERS! Woah, I didn't see you there. How's it going, everyone? This is my 3rd and last blog post...OF OCTOBER. This song has been long in the making...

Julian Barajas,

What's Cool? - Single

HEY LISTENERS, it's me again. How's everything going? I just finished some little midterm exams and presented a powerpoint and wrote up this song and I'm...

Julian Barajas,

Autumn - Single

HOW'S IT GOING LISTENERS??? I'm back with this first track for OCTOBER!! Crazy how it's already Autumn, so crazy in fact, I had to write about it. Autumn is my...

Julian Barajas,

Paradise - Single

LISTENERS!! LISTEN UP!!! Thank you so much if you are stopping by again, if this is your first time checking out my songs, I would check out my first 2 songs...

Julian Barajas,

Fuego - Single

HEY EVERYBODY!!! This is my second song of the month. This song is called Fuego, for no particular reason. I think it's because of the instrumental I made on...

Julian Barajas,

Gazpacho - Single

Hello listeners. I love you all. That's why I'm doing these songs. This is my first blog post of the month. This song highlights my first, kind of, thoughts and...