The "Study" Part of Study Abroad

Build your ideal study abroad experience from our robust list of options, including courses in dozens of disciplines, part-time internships, community-based learning opportunities in the local community, and more!

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Expert-Taught Courses

Our faculty have years of experience, and are experts in their fields.

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Internships & Community-Based Learning

Our programs offer multiple ways to get involved in your host city.

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International Universities

Fully enroll or take a few classes to supplement your course schedule.

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Personalized Predeparture Support

Every program has a highly-trained advisor ready to answer questions.

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Language Learning

From one-week introductory courses to intensive immersion.

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Cultural Immersion

Our dozens of global destinations offer a place for every student.

Tailor Your Study Abroad Experience

While everyone will have a unique study abroad experience, we've ensured that all our course options provide you with a robust and culturally immersive experience abroad. This is why we offer courses, part-time internships, and community-based learning placements at no additional cost to you.

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Take Courses

Depending on which study abroad program you choose, you can take courses at our Centers abroad, directly enroll at a local partner university, or build a schedule with courses from both. At our Centers, we hand pick the best faculty to teach courses specifically to our students through a local context. Additional course options at prestigious local universities enhance not just what you learn, but how you learn it, and provide you with new perspectives as you join local and international students alike.

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Take Courses & Do a Part-Time Internship

Complement your study abroad courses with a for-credit internship and academic seminar as one of your elective courses. With a part-time study abroad internship, you gain hands-on experience and deeper insight into the local professional culture. This experience is not only valuable to your study abroad adventure, but to your career as well.

student selfie in front of community-based learning peers with baskets of food in on the windowsill and tables

Take Courses & Participate in a Part-Time Community-Based Learning Placement

Many of our study abroad programs offer community-based learning placements and accompanying academic seminars as one of your elective courses. Our programs with a community-based learning component combine coursework with volunteer work so you can give back to the local community while you develop professional and personal skills.