Yes, you can study abroad as a STEM student! We believe that STEM students are integral to creating solutions to the global challenges we face, and study abroad is a key pathway to enriching your knowledge and skillset. We know that accessing study abroad opportunities as a STEM student can be challenging, but we’re here to remove those barriers and keep you on track for your degree requirements (aka graduating on time!) with our STEM Abroad initiative. 

The goal of our STEM Abroad initiative—put simply—is to increase access to study abroad for STEM students like you. We offer STEM programming at our Centers around the world, and have a helpful program finder tool to assist you in finding the right study abroad program to fit your needs and what you’re studying in STEM. 

In order to ensure the programs we were creating truly aligned with the specific needs of STEM students—particularly engineering students—we created an Engineering Consortium to champion the academic needs of Engineering students in particular since they have the most rigorous graduation requirements. Our Engineering Consortium is a network of U.S. and international STEM experts from highly regarded colleges and universities that helped design the exceptional engineering-focused study abroad programming we offer in Barcelona, Cape Town, Dublin, and Madrid

These programs are designed so that Engineering students can check off course requirements in an international context and stay on track and graduate on time  (yes, we’ve mentioned this a few times, but we know it’s THAT important!).

We’re showing STEM students around the world that study abroad IS possible for them, and we can’t wait to see where your academic adventures take you!

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Dive into diverse natural environments worldwide, uncovering discoveries.

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Experience innovation on a global scale, exploring tech advancements.

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Engage in problem-solving across borders, shaping future infrastructures.

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Delve into mathematical concepts across cultures, expanding perspectives.

Innovation: Our STEM Abroad Initiative

The first of its kind in the field, our STEM Abroad initiative creates strong programs for STEM students. We partner with STEM faculty around the globe to build programming that keeps students on track for graduation and creates sustainability-minded global leaders.  

University of Cape Town's campus

International Network

We collaborated with esteemed faculty members from various academic institutions worldwide to establish a consortium comprising experts in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This consortium functions as an essential network of subject-matter experts who enhance and refine study abroad offerings for engineering students.

Credit for Graduation

For many of our partners with Colleges of Engineering, we've cross-analyzed their courses with ours. This means our courses can more easily transfer back to your home institution. Because every school is different, courses taken on our programs will transfer differently depending on your track. For more information, talk to your representative.

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Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Creating global leaders is about internationalizing education to provide a well-rounded experience for students. Through a required sustainability course, students engage in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural learning community through the lens of a specific and relevant global issue to work together and learn how to create a more sustainable and just world.

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