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AF/SO 320 - Sub-Saharans in Morocco

This course focuses among others on sub-Saharan migration to Morocco and analyzes the mechanisms that underlie international migratory patterns in the region. This course also examines the dialectical relationship between the different migratory...

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AH 215 - History of Paris in Art and Architecture

This class retraces the major steps in the evolution of the city of Paris through art and architecture. Particular attention is paid to the Second Empire and the major urban planning programs conducted by the Baron Haussmann in the 19th century...

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AH 221 - Art in the Prado

A study of the life and works of the most important painters represented in the Prado Museum. Spanish painters such as el Greco, Ribera, Velazquez, and Goya will be examined, as well as painters from other countries such as Bosch, Rubens, Titian...

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AH 221 - Austrian Art and Architecture

The course presents the evolution of Austrian art and architecture from its beginnings to the present. The study of each period provides the student with the essential characteristics of the art of the particular era and shows the continuity within...

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