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This is going to be major. With dozens of disciplines offered, we cater to all types of majors. Plus, see how our Global Good Commitment informs our curriculum through our academic Global Pillars. Use this list to find the area of focus you're looking for, and explore the program finder for programs that work with your plans. 

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Course Syllabi

We understand that getting credit while studying abroad is a crucial aspect of staying on track for graduation. That's why many IES Abroad courses have syllabi for you to review ahead of your semester abroad. To review syllabi for the courses you're interested in, navigate to the course section of your program page. There, you'll find courses organized by discipline, and the option to view course details.

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Global Pillars

Our commitment to global good goes even farther than an organization-wide initiative, and is now also a part of the student curriculum. Sustainable living is the first pillar to be upheld in a formal classroom setting with the course Designing the Sustainable City. In this course, students learn from highly-qualified faculty and get a chance to learn about and participate hands-on in what it means to create a sustainable world.

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Academic Excellence

We've built a reputation for an emphasis on top-notch academics. We consistently refine what it means to be an international education organization, often creating innovations that are the first of their kind. As a leader in the field, we believe in sharing our wealth of knowledge to strengthen study abroad for all students as a whole and ultimately transform international education for the better.

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