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2018 Film Festival

From 96 record-breaking submissions to 18 semi-finalists, our international jury selected their top 3 films for a month of public voting. One film was a moving music video from Rabat. Another detail a mysterious night in Barcelona. The third was an adventurous and upbeat story about friendship abroad. More than 2,000 votes later, Philip Baites took home the Grand Prize award for his film "Tangier to Casablanca" during an exciting and inspiring Film Festival celebration at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago


Tangier to Casablanca
Philip Baites | University of Tennessee at Knoxville
IES Abroad Rabat, Academic Year 2017-2018

"This original song and film encapsulates my 9-month study abroad with IES Abroad Rabat in Morocco. Featuring a train ride, Chefchaouen (the 'Blue City'), Rabat, the Sahara Desert, cameos by two sweet neighbor girls, my Arabic professor, and my precious host mother, Doha, as the central character, 'Tangier to Casablanca' is a story of pain, joy, longing, and journeys intertwining. Two months after I arrived in Morocco, my host mother received news that her father unexpectedly passed away in Canada. Ultimately, this tragedy led to a bond to be formed between us, while also teaching me a valuable lesson. We are all on a journey. And it’s not the places or sites seen that have the lasting impact on us. It’s the people."


One Night in Barcelona
Penn Harrison | University of Texas at Austin
IES Abroad Barcelona, Spring 2018

Happiness Only Real When Shared
Erik Patak | University of Rochester
IES Abroad Auckland, Fall 2017


Soy Fanny
Andie Ayala | Princeton University
IES Abroad Granada, Spring 2018

Study Abroad Stories
Allison Schafer | University of Iowa
IES Abroad Milan, Fall 2017

The Other Side
Danielle Weinstein | Ithaca College
IES Abroad Auckland, Spring 2017

The Bucket List
Moriah Atlas | Indiana University
IES Abroad London, Spring 2018

Where Are You Right Meow
Maysam Al-Ani | Northwestern University
IES Abroad Tokyo, Summer 2016

A Day (Semester) in Christchurch
Tessa Vande Creek | University of Rochester
IES Abroad Christchurch, Fall 2017

Not Your Ugly Asian Dude
Yu Chen | Tulane University
IES Abroad Rabat, Spring 2018

letter to madrid
Carol Lee Diallo | Haverford College
IES Abroad Madrid, Spring 2018

Walk in Milan
Aaron Yasko | Indiana University
IES Abroad Milan, Spring 2018

El Fotógrafo
Isabel Bautista | Gettysburg College
IES Abroad Salamanca, Fall 2017

First Year Experience
Claire Maske | Skidmore College
IES Abroad London, Fall 2017

El Gusto de Hacer
Ethan Eldridge | Indiana University
IES Abroad Santiago, Summer 2018

Make Every Day A Good Day
James Jenkins | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
IES Abroad Barcelona, Spring 2018

Shanghai, A Visual Diary
Kaung Kyaw | University of Pittsburgh
IES Abroad Shanghai, Spring 2018

Let’s Talk
Taylor Rainey | Howard University
IES Abroad Buenos Aires, Spring 2018

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