Your unique identity goes where you go - including England! Browse a collection of IES Abroad and other website's resources specific to identity in England on topics such as dietary concerns; race, ethnicity, and national identity; gender and sexuality; religion and spirituality; disability and mental health; and more!

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Timaira Hinton Headshot
“I didn’t feel like I had anything to prove, but I was also daring enough to be myself in all spaces.”
Timaira H. • Howard University • Oxford - St. Catherine's College

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Just as each study abroad experience is unique, each location offers a different adventure. So we've made sure to compile diversity resources specific to your host city and country. 

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students attend an LGBT parade

Looking for more information on a particular topic? Contact our Diversity Relations Department at, and we'll be happy to share additional resources that may not be available online. Once you are in England, your Student Affairs Coordinator will be available to provide additional resources, support, and connections to the local community.