It's All Good! - Single

Julian Barajas
December 10, 2015

It’s All Good - lyrics


[Verse 1] It’s All Good

It’s all Good like everything’s alright

I got this slice of life and I’ve been taking bites.

I Remember it was just a few months ago

Sittin in on a plane contemplating where my life would go.

So I’m at the brink of my time here, I’m still here

thinking about how it’s all good how it’s been here.

But lately I been wondering where the time has gone.

Last month I just wanted to pack up and move on.


But it’s all good!


[Verse 2] Goodbye, Sweet Prince

But it’s all good, it’s all good

I’ve been emptying my pockets just to buy some Christmas goods

What do I get for my mama and my papa

No idea what to get my bros, cause I’m not the best shoppa

The other night I finished the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

6 seasons later and I learned how to act with a little bit of flare.

I wrote my own pick up lines and tested them out.

The girls said you’re not the Fresh Prince just figure it out!




It’s all good, it's all good.

It’s all good, it’s all good

Your feet might stink, and you might get sick

You even might think, you’re missing some trick

But I’m here to tell ya, here for you now

That you just gotta know now, life is all good!

It’s all good

it’s all good


[Verse 3] Scotland burger.

I planned a last trip, something like a last hurrah.

To see my friends in Scotland in the bitter cold too raw.

Instead of going to France the country of the oo-la-la

Or going with some honeys to the city of Romaaa 

I went to see my buddies where Harry Potter got started

It was like nothing had changed since we last were parted.

Of course I had to deal with these mighty breezes,

pouring rain, icy cold, it was like 32 degrees(es).

I finally got a pub burger with bacon and some cheese,

Weak in the knees, aching for greasy food made with expertise.

A happy tummy is what it guarantees.

Is this burger real? Won’t you Please give me a pinch or a squeeze?

I know my a,b,c’s. A for applewood, b for bacon and c for calories.

D might be for disease, I’ll always eat unhealthy please don’t make me eat my pees.


But it’s all good!!   




[Verse 4] Finals Week

I’m like that Ice Age squirrel with an acorn.

But I have about as much knowledge as Jason Bourne.

Finals week is here, and I’m not very well prepared.

But at least when I go out, I always prepare my hair.

I just bought some cologne called Acqua di Gio,

A b-day present to myself so I’ll be dodgin these girls like Neo. 

Why are these my priorities when I got exams.

All I want is to eat as much Iberian ham as I can.

Get ready for Christmas, I’ll save it for the last song.

I only have a week left, and that’s not very long. 

Finals are finally here, it’s almost time to go stateside.

But I wanna stay, I’d say I had such a great time!

Considering all the great days and late nights

I think I’ve gained some weight after looking at my waistline.

But remember what I’ve said for the past 3 verses,

Lemme be terse, this isn’t the worstest,

cause IT’S ALL GOOD!





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