Study Abroad in Chile

What to Expect in Chile

Study abroad in Chile and immerse yourself in the creative energy of a country emerging as an economic power with modern social programs and ties to both Europe and Asia. 

You might practice Spanish at a market, meet up with local and international friends, and spend time with your host family all in an average day while studying abroad in Chile. Mix that with personal travel—imagine visiting Torres del Paine National Park or Peru!—and you’re ready for the Latin American adventure of a lifetime. 

A strong and growing economy, a leader in continental rankings, and an incredible place to study abroad, Chile is calling your name. 

On one of our Chile study abroad programs, you’ll learn not only in class or at your internship, but also when course-related trips and fields trips provide context to what you’re learning in the classroom, and allow you to explore Chilean life outside of your host city. 

Languages Spoken: 
Chilean Peso (CLP)
Time Zone: 
GMT-3, GMT-4, GMT-6

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