Friend, supervisor, fellow intern, study abroad staff, professor, language buddy, tour guide, roommate, commute partner, homestay host, barista—just some of the people who may have had an impact on your experience during your time abroad. You may not have realized it, but you were effectively networking that whole time. So why not keep in touch and keep it up?

Networking doesn’t have to mean stiff handshakes and suits and ties; it doesn’t even have to be in person (which makes it easier if you can’t fly back to Sydney for a professional reference). Check out our guide to keeping and making new connections!

Professional Networking On LinkedIn

Be sure to join our IES Abroad Alumni and IES Internships groups on LinkedIn!

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Study Abroad Groups on LinkedIn

Besides featuring your international experience on your personal profile, it's likely that your study abroad organization has an alumni LinkedIn group—join ASAP! You’ll stay on top of networking events (a perfect chance to meet other professionals) and internship and job opportunities at the study abroad organization itself and its partners.

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IES Abroad Groups

The IES Abroad Alumni LinkedIn group is a venue for you to network with study abroad alumni from across IES Abroad locations, class years, and stages in their professional lives. Whether you’re looking for your first (or just a new) job or internship or trying to fill a position at your current company, you can post what you’re looking for or share a specific job posting in the group.

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Tailor Your InMail

Don't forget to tailor your InMail (a message to a LinkedIn member who is not your first or second degree connection) to the recipient. Share how and where you’ve met (if at all), what you’re interested in professionally, and what topics or industries you have questions about. You can also propose alternate ways to connect, like a phone call, Skype chat, or informational interview.

Wondering where IES Abroad alumni are today?

Discover IES Abroad alumni's locations, companies, and industries with the Career Insights tool accessible via the IES Abroad LinkedIn page. Note that, if you’re still in school or a soon-to-be or recent graduate, LinkedIn also has a section for university students in particular. 

Use the Career Insights Tool

How to Build a Network In Person & Beyond

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Keeping Up with International Acquaintances

There are a million and one ways and channels through which to network organically! Get started while you're still abroad by maintaining contact with your classmates, instructors, internship supervisor(s), coworkers, and study abroad staff and thanking those listed via a follow-up card or email prior to leaving your host city.

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Connect with Others Who Studied Abroad

For some networking face-to-face with other study abroad alumni, register for an IES Abroad alumni event near you such as a networking night or reunion weekend—both are great opportunities to interact with alumni from your, and other, IES Abroad programs.

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Build a Network at Home or on Campus

Back at home, you should have no problem finding student groups on your campus for people who have studied abroad (or other common interests) and attend networking events in your town.