Friend, supervisor, fellow intern, study abroad staff, professor, language buddy, tour guide, roommate, commute partner, homestay host, barista—just some of the people who may have had an impact on your experience during your time abroad. You may not have realized it, but you were effectively networking that whole time. So why not keep in touch and keep it up?

Networking doesn’t have to mean stiff handshakes and suits and ties; it doesn’t even have to be in person (which makes it easier if you can’t fly back to Sydney for a professional reference…) Check out our guide to keeping and making new connections!

Professional Networking On LinkedIn

How to Build a Network In Person & Beyond

Working Networking Events in 6 Steps

The question of social networking vs. face to face interaction is moot, since making connections when you're in a room packed with other professionals is easy, right? Wrong! So many (if not most) people get nervous about in-person networking events (and would much rather send off a LinkedIn message). But here are six ways to prepare yourself and helps those nerves subside:

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Our toolkit is here to help you communicate the skills you learned (or refined) abroad.

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