Morocco - Single

Julian Barajas
November 10, 2015

Morocco - lyrics


[Intro] (inspired by end credits to Anchorman)

Oh, I didn’t see you there, welcome!

This is JB again

I'm just checking in to make sure you’re having a good time with my songs

Welcome to my little lounge, make yourself comfortable

It’s November, getting kind of cold out there.

So I’m inside, cozying up with my fine honey, her name is 

I got my hot cup of Colacao, that’s their version of hot chocolate here

and I’m about to watch some Christmas movies

then gently crying myself to sleep while Boyz ii Men plays in the background. 

But before I go I wanna tell you a story.

I recently came back from a trip from Morocco.

It was so special, I had to write a song about it, (you know how I do.)

Matter of fact, were about to have a drastic beat change for this...



Uh-Huh Uh-Huh



[Verse 1] Tangier

It felt like for the umpteenth time or more 

I was sweating through my socks and t-shirt to the core.

But I’m on a world tour, for about four days or more

No worries of chores, just tourist tours

Fresh off the ferry, step into Tangier

I couldn’t believe that I would ever land here! 

I missed Halloween, I missed Halloween!

But to spend it in the land that looks like Tatooine.

Lemme first talk about the food, the food and the mint tea

But wait 'til you try the soda Hawai.

The cous cous that tastes so nice that they named it twice  

You know when you’re given seconds you don’t have to think twice.

We looked at the shores of Spain as we watched the sun go down,

Then we stopped for teas and cookies in a coffeeshop downtown.

Back at the hotel, we got along day ahead of travel.

Next stop Rabat and Asilah for the rides on a camel. 



Man, camels are really stinky.

Stinkiest animals out there, pee-yoo!

Okay, okay. 


[Verse 2] Asilah and Rabat-Host Family

Early morning bus ride down the coast to Asilah,

A hidden gem that’s not a tourist spot either

I promise that there’s nothing there that can’t please me.

In Homeland they tried to play it off as Santorini

By nightfall we hit Rabat and met our host mom and sis.

She said she doesn’t speak English too good, but can speak Spanish.

We stepped inside the house and she showed us to our room.

She gave us tea and biscuits and that we’d be eating real soon.

The sis had her eyes fixed on the TV.

They were playing the Voice in Arabic on the channel MBC.

We asked her what her favorite kind of music is.

She said she loved Rihanna and watching her music vids.

The mom brought out some salad and a big plate of lamb.

She said dig in and eat as much I as you can.

She handed me bread and I made sure to take it with my right.

Because your right is for eating and your left is for the wipe.

After dinner she asked if we were tired and then made our beds,

it was only about 9 o’clock but I was already ready to rest my head.

We stayed with our hosts for only two nights,

They had to be the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life.

Their hospitality knows absolutely no bounds

She said we're welcome back if were ever round town.    

Early morning bus ride up the mountains to Chefchauen.

This beautiful blue city is the best place to end in.




Alright so, the last two days we were in this city called Chefcauen.

And it’s famous cause it’s called the blue city. 

Uh I didn’t really have a whole lot to talk about there.

It’s kinda…we went shopping and it’s this big bargaining thing we had to do

so I kinda wrote, I kinda have a little verse I had in my mind about it.



[Verse 3] Chefchauen-Bargaining

The color of Blue’s Clues, what a blue beauty,

Someone call that man Steve from Nickelode-

In, in the bus we were crammed together

We stepped into the blue city met with chillier weather.

They told us this is where we can do our shopping.

It’s best to bargain if you want to buy something.

We browsed these narrow shops that we found our ways in 

Even moderate interest merits the owner's persuasion.

They’ll rush over to you and say: 

“Oh you like this shirt, you want this backpack?

This scarf is very nice for every occasion.”

I didn’t have time to give a question I wanted raising.

This is the price, what’ll it be?

I told him I’m sorry man, I’d only get that if that was free.

The next day we returned to Spain.

I’m gonna cut the story short, but I pray I go back one day.



[Outro] (inspired by ending to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

Wait, what are you still doing here?

I said you could make yourself comfortable, you can’t nap here though, get up!

Go home!

Don’t you have a job or something or homework?


And you ate all the PopTarts and triscuits,

That’s the last time I’m opening my lounge area to strangers.

You can’t trust anyone anymore.

Goodness Gracious.

You never experienced this stuff in Morocco!

Oh, goodness me.

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