Echte Liebe and the Yellow Wall - Single

Julian Barajas
November 28, 2015

Echte Liebe and the Yellow Wall - lyrics 

(loose references to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme song, let’s see if you can catch em)



You know I told them I was coming.


[Verse 1] Echte Liebe

Ever since I first saw them play,

It was about 3 years ago in May

When they toppled down the hounds with tails between their legs.

Down goes Real Madrid, up come the underdogs

These young’ins from Borussia Dortmund, I hope you don’t pronounce it wrong.

I love these black and yellows, man this futbol team from Germany.

You could say my heart has been on fire with burns in the third degree.

I couldn’t take it no more so bought a plane ticket

On a plane to Frankfurt so I might as well kick it!


I call it Echte Liebe.


[Hook] x4




[Verse 2] The Game

And so I arrived at the game at around 7:30.

Said goodbye to the pretty girl with whom I was getting flirty.

It was getting pretty windy and I wasn’t dressed for the cold.

These soccer games get chilly that’s what I’ve been told.

All the fans range from ages 4 to freakin' old.

With big smiles on their faces even in the rain, snow and bitter cold.

I stood and surveyed this miracle before me

Every lightning fast pass and dribble would floor me.

Unfortunately, I got there and saw a penalty against my team.

They went down but the fan support was still strong and mighty.

I went to find my seat in section 4C, row 15.

Only to be told that wasn’t my seat my some guys who were Denmarkeen

They apologized and told me I could sit in the chair.

Asked me where I’m from, what I study and what I was doing there.

He said “Listen little buddy were in our 40s and come here every year.

To get away from the wives, watch futbol with 40s of beer.

They pat me on the back and said, son your team is losing.

I told em I was just happy to be there, the game is still amusing.

I’m a loyal fan and I’m still in shock I see them play.

The same team that beat Real Madrid a couple years ago in May.




[Verse 3] The Yellow Wall.

So the game ended and everyone got out of their seats.

To beat the traffic to the metro or get something to eat.

I stood there and saw the yellow wall was still jumping.

Everyone in the Dortmund fan section was still fist bumping.

This is Echte Liebe, this is true love.

I love this passionate support for fans for the team the love.

I admired the view and watched the fans scream their chants.

Then I turned and left, in an unbreakable trance.



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