Autumn - Single

Julian Barajas
October 12, 2015
Autumn - lyrics [intro] uh uh uh, uhh, uh I love these uh uh, uh uh uh uh I love these, I love these [laughter] Autumn leaves uh [Verse 1] Autumn It’s pouring out, but I'll still dance in the rain, It’s colder now, but I’ll still laugh when there’s shade Welcome to the closing of the summer's blossom Now it’s opening day of my favorite season autumn. [Verse 2] Salobreña [LAST DAY FOR THE BEACH!!] Imagine me, sitting pretty at a beach, please Listen, it's sound of the breeze on the Mediterranean Sea No cresting current on this crystal clear icy cold glassy water I need an icy cold glass of water Put my toes in the sand, oh nope, they’re just rocks Look around say, "yeah these are pretty much just rocks." I can still kick back and sleep til I’m awaken, This beckoning sun is baking me, I reckon I’m cooking like I’m bacon, I’m becoming blinded by this bright bright sunlight. Put on my Roy Bon stunners from which I get so much delight. Close my eyes and soak up the last rays of September Wake me up when it ends, so I can prepare for December. [Verse 3] City of the Children Welcome to the City of the Children in Monachil Some of these kids just don’t know how to chill Some get heated like some chili peppers Some get down through some stormy weathers Some like to pick fights like some wrestlers All are sweet but come from conditions that are irregular Bet you’d be amazed by some of these personalities Refreshingly goofy with individuality Every word or sentence I heard was so absurd. I thought I would be cool but I felt more like a nerd. I was playing games with kids, I was just volunteering, But it felt like on this day, these kids were commandeering, I guarantee you I learned more from them than they did from me That might sound kinda corny but I’m speaking truthfully. If you ever get the chance, you gotta meet the Children of the City Ciudad de los Niños you’ll love it, just trust me ha! [Verse 4] New Discoveries Alright, Alright (Throwaway verse, but I like it) Don’t you know the Domino’s is dominant here? Don’t you know that every Shawarma place is called Shawarma King here? Don’t you know it gets chilly round night time round here? You should probably bring a jacket if you wander round here? Thank goodness it’s Autumn I’ll put my feet on the Ottoman I met a drifter named Solomon, Don’t fret bout what is and what should have been, 'Cause you’re wasting your oxygen hahaha Calvin Hobbes and Bill Waterson, I’m a DC Metropolitan prefer my ice cream neopolitan, Alright it doesn’t really have much to do with Spain, alright, I’m just wasting my oxygen. alright I’m done, I’m done later.

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