Thank You / Mama's Boy - Single(s)

Julian Barajas
January 14, 2016

Thank You/Mama’s Boy


[Intro] (My Mom)




[Verse 1] Flight Home

24 hours sleepless, dreamless, I found my way back home

Slap my face some, splash some water some I’m up and I'm at ‘em.

I just can’t sap any energy from any one of my atoms.

Maxing out my mind on the magazine Maxim.

Like I’m mining for truths on how to be a man like I never had 'em.

But Granada taught me better than a magazine that shows me how to be handsome.

I had eleven hours on a plane to think about my baby 

Granada, Spain I have some things that I wanna say, maybe.



Thank You

Thank You

Oh Thank You Oh

I’m coming back home to you


[Verse 2] Thank You, Granada

Goodness me, thank you, please, for your hospitality

Delicious food so cheap, I could practice frugality

You gave my friends hostels without being so hostile

You had a La Liga roster but you couldn’t really make pasta

You showed me pretty girls and fed me shawarma.

You showed me a pretty world and led me through the Alhambra.

You nestled me to sleep with sweets like Nestle

You confused me with your siesta time for rest, we

loved every second my parents asked what I thought,

I can only show them through all of these presents that I bought.

Let the truth be known I met you when I was immature,

You flipped me around and showed me how to live in another culture.

I adopted the late night lifestyle, getting home in the early A.M.

Amen, all these Spanish terms I gotta learn how to say them. 

I saw all of these frowns and I just wanted to erase them.

I see the Spanish flags and I just want to raise them.

I’ll miss you, I’ll miss you

Like a taller girl I’ll stand on my tiptoes to kiss you,

but I have no shame in telling you I love you.

You gave me a home, you gave me a home, I have nothing else I can say,

but these few words that I’m screaming in my brain.


[Hook] x2 


I just want to say thank you.

A million thank you’s

a million thank you’s

Thank You so so much

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank You

Thanks Granada.

As Will Smith would say, Thanks, G!



They used to say uh, they used to call me a Mama’s Boy

I think I still am


[Verse 3] Mama’s Boy

My parents used to sing to me the Day-O song,

That day old banana song and I used to try and sing along.

The daylight came but I didn’t wanna go home,

hard to believe when I was a young’n I wanted to go on,

staying at home, chilling with the pop and the mom,

Family movies laughing awkwardly at every rom-com.

I decided to go to Spain, see some sights on a world tour,

Mama said son you gotta grow up for sure, don’t choose girls before,

Time takes time to truly test this mental tug-of-war

to stay or grow, you’ll move towards to move forward

You’re not alone, it can be hard to separate

But you can always think about the things of yesterday.

I remember the Lunchables tomato sauce packet,

I remember messing up in tennis and then breaking my racket,

Or Mom knockin on my door telling me to knock off all of that racket,

All of this confidence in me I swear I used to lack it.

Like  I checked my breath, and fixed it with a "tic-tac it” tactic,

I used to be scared of girls, and shying away from toughies became a habit.

But I got a new hat from Spain and lemme tell ya I pulled out a rabbit.

Look at me now, I feel more matured and gallant.

If you want my advice I’d tell you to study abroad.

I promise there’s a great big world past your college quad. 

It’s mighty exciting, but also might sound kinda scary.

I encourage you to dive in eyes closed and head first.

You might start missing home, and sleeping somewhat barely

I just want you to see what I mean by the end of this verse.

I’m sorry if I ever complained about the weather

I’m sorry if I ever complained about being hungry.

I’m sorry if I ever wanted things to be better.

I’m sorry about those birds that poop on people walking under trees.

I’m sorry if I left you for Scotland or Germany

I’m sorry if I didn’t trust your Celsius temperature degrees

I’ll be back one day, you better believe that.

Now Granada, you deserve it, give yourself a pat on the back.

Yours truly,


The Mama’s Boy


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