A Song To You From Me

Julian Barajas
November 23, 2015

A Song To You From Me - lyrics



This is a song from me for you

Lemme tell you a thing or two

Back back way back I thought I knew

I wised up and you should too.


[Verse 1] 

I’m an old man on a porch, flossing with wheat

Gather round, listen here and stop sucking your teeth.

A little bird told me you were all in need of my advice

So take a seat, I assure you my wisdom should suffice.

Just don’t eat all of my Wheat Thins and drink all the lemonade.

Those things cost money and I’m not a rich man.

But I’m wealthy in my knowledge like I been watching “How It’s Made”

So just pay attention, I bet I know that you can.


[Hook] x2


[Verse 2] 

First thing’s first there’s always that one thing that you forgot. 

Like your toothpaste to make sure your teeth don’t rot (like mine!) 

You’re gonna wanna buy some souv’s and food’s gotta be eaten. 

On my program there’s about 300 kids from Wheaton.

It might be fun to hit up the clubs for the first few nights.

But after a while it starts to get old those Flashing Lights 

Your routine matches home and you might elect to stay in.

I used to feel the need to be always be out there playing 

But it’s okay if you got those lazy days, it’s fine!

Now I just stay in and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine  

And that’s just how it goes

and that’s just how it goes.

It feels like there’s a quota for quoting Mean Girls.

Before you leave make sure that movie is part of your world.

If your on a budget, Shawarma is always tasty and cheap 

Gotta go to Rico Rico, shoutout to Feef!

You will miss food back home like Burgers and Chicken Wings,

Or Pancakes and waffles, with the batter always thickening.

The thought is always sickening, thinking about leaving quickening 

Don’t shy away from things like your chickening.

Just cause your missing home food from home

Download Google Hola if you have Google Chrome.

It’ll let you watch whatever you want overseas.

Yes, even The Bachelor, SNL or Grey’s Anatomy.

Heck you might even do some soul searching,

Or bargain down some Euros with those merchants. 

Always know good tapas are everywhere, but great is hard to find.

And when you’re walking around always keep what’s in your pockets in your mind.

Watch out for Tintos de Verano, they’re pretty close to juice

Always bring a hoodie, I promise it will be of use.

A couple more thoughts before I go, stay seated,

Then you can go off and do whatever kids do on the weekends.

Do any and everything, you don’t have unlimited time

Like Ferris Bueller, life moves pretty fast and everything is GOOD!

Everything is Good

Everything is Good


[Hook] x2


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