What's Cool? - Single

Julian Barajas
October 22, 2015
What’s Cool? - lyrics (inspired by Wanna Be Cool by Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment) [Intro] Oh [Pre-Hook] La, la la la-la la, la la, laa [laughter] [Hook] Hey can you tell me what’s cool? How cool is it being cool? Hey can you tell me what’s cool? I think I wanna be that too [Verse 1] Maturity There so many things that I wanted to be. There so many people that I wanted to be. I wanted to be mysterious, I wanted to be cool, I wanted to be a kid that does well, but doesn’t try in school. The person I wanted to be I started planning it: Buy a Thriller jacket, different like I’m from some other planet. If someone stole the cookie jar, they’d bet I'd had a hand in it I’m their candidate the usual suspect for the bandit as if I took the money and I ran with it Granted, I’m already starting to feel a little more gallant. With a new granite slate and a fresh palette. I’m a candy sweet kid at heart, but I’ve learned to eat my salad. Speaking candidly, I think I learned what I wanna be. After meeting new people, I don’t wanna be a wannabe. People telling me, they love me for me, Thank you so much Granada, you’ve matured me. [Hook] [Verse 2] Flamenco Most times I’m feelin’ like I’m light on my feet But in Flamenco class I'm dancing with two left feet. I can shine my shoes and I can talk a little more, But I still can't walk on the dance floor The minute I stepped in those 1 inch flamenco pumps, I felt like a flamingo falling flat on it’s rump. At least I didn’t have hair like Donald Trump. I walk like a chimp, I’m not a champ but I’m also not a chump. The teacher calls me out, cause I’m the only guy, but hey, at least I'm givin' this Flamenco thing a try. Even if I have stand up on one foot and I lose my balance. I wish I could at least bailar La Bamba but I’m not Ritchie Valens. I’d say this class is my greatest challenge I may never get the talent but I sure feel valiant, I thought I could waltz through this class, 'cause I knew a few moves. But I love it, and I got nothing to lose. [Hook] Hey You Know what’s cool? Getting married and not letting your cousin go. Hey You know What’s super cool? Scheduling your wedding when no one can go. [Pre-Verse] Yeah you know what’s super cool, bro? When the cousin who like held you when you were a baby and fed you and everything is scheduling his wedding in October so literally no one can go to it. Like why can’t you schedule the wedding for like when I can go? When I can go? Like summertime, like a normal person. Darn it Mark! Alright this verse is for you. This is for my cousin Mark! [Verse 3] On the 17th of October of 2015, My cousin got married to the woman of his dreams I’m sorry Mark, I wish I could make it to the wedding But you’ll be able to hear my cheers it would be as if I was attending. I'm just shy of a couple thousand miles away But I know you'll love each other until the end of days. I might be in Spain, and I feel some pain for not making it to the nuptial ceremonay. But Congratulations on tying the knot, I’ll see you in December, my big cousin Marky Mark.

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