Studying abroad with IES Abroad helped you develop highly sought-after professional skills—adaptability, communication, self-awareness, confidence—that not only make you more hirable, but also help launch your career.

Market Your Study Abroad Toolkit

You packed your bags, studied abroad, had the experience of a lifetime, and headed home. Now what? What do you do with all of these experiences and newfound skills, tools, and contacts? You tell everyone!

Whether you studied psychology in Vienna, had a summer internship in London, or did a health studies program in Santiago, the benefits of study abroad and internships abroad are many. That's why it’s a no brainer that you should share your experience, professionally speaking, whether you’re seeking a full-time internship in the big city next door or taking the leap and searching for overseas jobs. But how? Peruse this toolkit for best practices on how to highlight study abroad on your résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn, while networking, and in job or internship interviews. Be sure to also check out tips from recent alumni and our free e-book, "Making the Most of Study Abroad: A Guide for the Career-Minded Student", which we developed with

“I'm not sure I could have landed the high-profile jobs I've been lucky to have without studying abroad.”
Kayla J. • Wagner College • Dublin – Summer Internship