Study Abroad in South Korea

What to Expect in South Korea

South Korea is a land of beautiful contrasts. Explore the boundary between centuries-old tradition and the cutting edge of the modern world in Seoul, one of the most exciting cities for students and young professionals. Your time in South Korea, “the Land of Morning Calm,” will be spent in one of the fastest-paced urban centers in the world as well as gorgeous gardens and peaceful nature preserves.  

Aside from its beautiful natural sights, South Korea is a major tech hub has some of the fastest WiFi in the world, so you’ll have no problem keeping in touch with your friends and family back home, staying connected with your new friends in Seoul, and sharing your highlights from your time abroad!  

You’ll have the chance to improve your Korean language skills if you so choose and can study alongside Korean university students in one of the best college towns in East Asia. Are you ready to do some Seoul-searching? 

Languages Spoken: 
Korean Republic Won (₩)
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