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Every study abroad adventure is a one-of-a-kind experience, and that starts at the beginning.

Your path to study abroad will depend on factors such as where you go to school, what you’re studying, and whether or not your school's financial aid transfers to your program. Use these steps as a guideline for how to study abroad.

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1. Visit Your Study Abroad Office On Campus or Online

Study abroad policies vary across U.S. colleges/universities. Locate the study abroad office on your campus or do some research on their website to learn more about the study abroad opportunities through your school. Be sure to pursue answers to questions such as:

  • Which programs are available to students from my school?
  • Are there other students on campus I can talk with about their study abroad experiences?
  • How might my current financial aid work with study abroad?
  • What is the application process like?
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2. Research Scholarships

Talk to your on-campus financial aid office to learn more about your school’s aid policies for study abroad. Once you know how your aid may transfer, do some research online for scholarships and financial aid opportunities—like our $5 million in study abroad scholarships and aid! You can also consider external funding resources such as loans, fundraising, fellowships, and more.

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3. Explore Program Offerings

When the world is your oyster, where do you start? Use resources to compare and contrast your study abroad options, like our program finder where you can filter for study abroad programs or internship opportunities by major, location, semester, and more. Our finder also lets you see important factors at a glance, like housing, cost, and language prerequisites.

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4. Contact Your IES Abroad Representative

Our College Relations Managers are here to help you and your study abroad office connect the dots between what we offer and what’s best for you. Contact the Representative for your college/university to learn more about how our programs can work for you.

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5. Apply Online

We have one universal study abroad application for all study abroad and internship programs, making it even easier to start your adventure. All students complete the online application. Depending on your school and program of choice, you may have a few additional application requirements.

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Search and Compare Programs

Check out our 130+ study abroad and internship programs, and compare details like housing, cost, language prerequisites, and more.

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Take a Virtual Tour

With our study abroad virtual tours you get a glimpse—before you go!—of where you'll be spending your time as an IES Abroad student. From housing and classrooms to local hang-outs and popular landmarks, our virtual tours let you be the guide on any desktop, tablet, or mobile browser.

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Dive Into Course Syllabi

In the Academics section of your programs of interest, you'll fine course syllabi linked. Use these syllabi to ensure your program fits with your academic path.

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Follow the Student Blogs

No one knows the IES Abroad experience better than the students themselves. See what our current Correspondents are up to as they blog through writing, photo, video, creative mediums, and more.

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Talk to a Past Program Participant

From housing to budgeting, recent students volunteer to share their experiences and advice. Contact an Ambassador today!

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Connect with Us on Social Media

Follow @IESabroad on all your favorite social media platforms for the latest videos, photos, blog posts, and updates from our students and staff around the world.

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