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What to Expect in New Zealand

Studying abroad in New Zealand is paradise for nature lovers. The North Island offers sailing, beaches, and hot springs. On the South Island, wild rainforest, the Southern Alps, glaciers, and gold towns await your exploration. 

More than 800 years ago, Māori became the first people to migrate to New Zealand, crossing the South Pacific in canoes and navigating by the stars. European whalers and explorers found the islands much later. In 1840, New Zealand became a British colony, creating a unique and culturally diverse country with Māori carved meeting houses and British colonial architecture. As you can tell, the New Zealand study abroad experience is one of a kind. 

Now it’s your turn to study abroad in New Zealand and explore this vast country and immerse yourself in university culture through our direct enrollment programs in Auckland and Christchurch. 

Languages Spoken: 
English, Māori
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Time Zone: 

About the IES Abroad Centers

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  • Auckland
  • Christchurch

The Center staff are highly trained local professionals providing on-the-ground support throughout your time abroad.   

Nearby The University of Auckland, we have on-the-ground staff dedicated to supporting you during your time abroad. Get comfortable commuting to university, and finding your study abroad hub; all the while, our staff is just a phone call away.  


Health & Safety

With 70 years of experience, we are proud to set the standard for health and safety in study abroad. Our Chicago-based and on-site staff are all highly trained and experienced in the matters of health, safety, and crisis management. We are here for you from predeparture to your return, and are ready to support you—no matter which time zone you’re in. We plan for "what ifs" so that you don’t have to. From international health insurance included in the cost of your program to highly-trained local staff who can connect you to English-speaking healthcare providers, we are working around the clock to ensure your health and safety while abroad.

Support You Can Expect to Receive on Our Programs

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CISI International Health Insurance

In the case you need to see a doctor or mental health professional.

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24/7 Emergency Support

Whether you encounter an issue while traveling or in your host city.

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Mandatory Cell Phone Policy

Receive any emergency updates from IES Abroad staff via call or text.

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Location-Specific Information

Health and safety information presented at orientation by on-site staff.

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TripTracker System

Allowing you to share independent travel plans.

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Crisis Drills

So that you feel prepared to respond to an emergency should one arise.


Apply for your passport today!

Getting your passport is a crucial step for studying abroad. With processing times taking longer than usual, consider this a gentle reminder to not procrastinate on getting or renewing your passport.

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The Student Experience

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Student Ambassadors

No one knows the IES Abroad experience better than a student who has lived it! From budget tips to housing experiences, our volunteer Ambassadors are here to share it all.

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