Christmas in Graná - Single

Julian Barajas
December 16, 2015

Christmas in Graná - lyrics


[Verse 1] Christmas

I told mama to save me an ornament for the tree.

A Looney Toons Bugs Bunny one that I got when I was three.

Simple as that. A tradition that I’ve kept on my back.

Like listening to "Christmas with the Rat-Pack.” 

So many things to bring home call me a Pack-Rat, 

a full backpack on my back.

Goodies for the family.

I bought some things, but it’s the thought that matters, can we please,

Talk about Christmas dinner? a steak with maybe a whole can of peas?

Yorkshire pudding, pecan pie and a salad with a lettuce canopy.

Bring that to me.

The christmas feeling that’s so ingrained into my anatomy.

Mistletoe and Holly trees.

Every Christmas my auntie gets me yet another Hollister tee.

I find it kinda funny. But we live in loverly.

My twin and I act even a little more brotherly.

But make no mistake he still bothers me. (hahaha)

Going home to Virginia next week

It’s time to go home but I’d rather not speak.


[Verse 2] Christmas in Granada

I told them that Granada is decorated completely

Like a Hallmark card or your pet dog named Fifi.

I’ve seen the Christmas sweaters, I’ve heard the Christmas songs

I’ve even seen the lights on the trees where they belong. 

And everything smells so sweetly, how this city has treated me.

Christmas in Granada Spain in Andaluci(a)

roasted chestnuts, cinnamon and something else that’s kinda whiffy.

I sometimes think will Santa come, but It’s kinda iffy,

if he comes there is no chimney for him to come down swiftly.

Are there even any cookies for him to consume them, tasty?

Stockings on the mantle, presents under the tree, breakfast pastries

Let's run to the tree why don’t you race me?

Tearing off the wrapping paper promptly, but lastly,

I wanna say goodbye to this little city that’s had me. 

A home for four months that's held me warmly and safely.

So long, Granada, enjoy Christmas without me.


[Verse 3] Goodbye 

And thus, we must part ways

Let me hit the ol’ trail of dust, 

but I’m not leaving on dark days.

Early morning bus to catch my flight,

Hoping that I can see yet another patch of light.

Walk past the birds on the highest perch of God’s house,

keeping quiet to not scare away the church Mouse.

This city so pretty, lit up so like Christmas

Throw a coin in the fountain for wishes.

I wave goodbye to Granada

I wave goodbye to Granada.

Goodbye Granada.

Goodbye Granada.


I’ll be back real soon,

I promise I’ll be back.

Goodbye, Granada.

Merry Christmas




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