Introduction [Goodbye (Te Amo)] - Single

Julian Barajas
August 31, 2015

 [Verse 1]

I knew, I knew this day would be a-comin’

I knew, a new adventure for a young’n 

away for 3 months’n everything’s new

It seems only proper that I bid adieu.



Goodbye, Adios

I’ll call you when I can

Goodbye, te amo

I’ll work on my Span'

Goodbye, Adios

I’ll write you when I can

Goodbye, te amo

I swear I’ll be a gentleman


[Verse 2]

I’ll make this short and sweet so pass me the syrup. 

I’m just another polar bear heading to Europe.

You hate to see me go but love to watch me leave

I promise I’ll be back when there are leafless trees

Fresh off the plane in Granada, Spain

Thought trains in my brain this sure aint Maine.

Switchin' to metrics is like instant gram-ification

I won’t Instagram my pics as if I’m on vacation.

Let me take a minute to give out some love

for the people back home I can’t get enough of

My best bud Evan, he’s from Mississippi

I won’t see him for a year, I’m gonna miss this hippie.

Shoutout to my friends in Spring LT

Leadership Training is one of my fondest memories

Lots of love to the 7-0-3

The DMV is the best and only place to be.

Sorry Ma and Pa I know you’ll miss my presence

I promise I’ll bring back some great X-Mas presents.

There should be a movie called "Julian Takes Granada"

call me Charles in Charge or the "big enchilada" 

I heard it gets cold is that sweater weather?

Or is a full winter parka any better?

Pretty soon I’m gonna have to think about packing

I know when I leave there’s gonna be something that I’m lacking

Watch out ladies, I’m learning to Flamenco dance.

Do you think I’ll good look in those form-fitting pants?

I’m not sure what to expect, all in all

I think the weather is mostly hot all through fall

I love to learn but I’ve missed the library lately

But my boy Thoreau told me to "Live Deliberately"

So I’m out here on my grind, learning through everything

Bring it on, Spain, I’m yearning for everything.





yeah, yeah


Yo, I think the people want another verse?

Do y’all want another verse? (yeah kids noise) Another Verse? (yeah kids noise) Another verse? (yeah kids noise)


[Hook] x2


[Verse 3] (Let’s have some fun with rhymes)

Buying things for abroad at BB & Beyond

Feelin' embarrassed cause I’m shopping with my Mom

I can’t wait to meet my host, his name is Victor Cuerva

He lives with his girlfriend and cat named Lola 

We’ll form a Gold Bond like Shaquille O’Neal

Maybe he’ll teach me some good Spanish home-cooked meals

Maybe we’ll be homies, watch Home Alonie 

with McCauley Culkey and eat Spanish Macaroni.

I’ll have fun on the IES trips, or wherever we go

As long as I get to try Hamón Ibérico

Play my raps in the car, I swear I don’t curse

I wanna tell stories with a cleaner verse

I hope you eat this rap up because this is the hors d’oeuvre

The meal is a journey served through my every word.

So tuck in your napkin, when you’re ready just nod.

Let me tell you some stories of my time abroad. yeah uh


We’re gonna ride out on that one.


and the beat drops now!

Oh wait no I was wrong, hold on!


and the beat drops now!


That was hot, yeah alright that was a good take, play that back for me.


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