Every year, committees made up of faculty representatives from IES Abroad member schools, a member of IES Abroad’s Academic Council, a representative from IES Abroad’s School of Record, and a member of IES Abroad’s Board of Directors visit select Centers to conduct thorough and rigorous assessments. To evaluate programs, committees use the innovative measurement and standards tool, the IES Abroad MAP for Study Abroad Programs and produce a comprehensive set of recommendations related to the student learning environment, student learning and development, and resources for academic and student support. Reports from Program Assessments (formerly called Program Reviews) are made available on this site as soon as possible after they are reviewed and approved by IES Abroad’s Academic Council.

We began conducting regular, formal assessments of our study abroad programs in the 1970s, and are proud to be the first in the field of international education to do so.

Below are the reports for each program assessment conducted since 2007.

Reports by Year

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