Study Abroad in the European Union

What to Expect in the European Union

Study abroad in the European Union and explore the politics, economics, and cultures of the Union through hands on courses and course-related travel throughout Europe.

Your adventure begins in Freiburg, Germany, from where you will travel throughout the European Union—22 days of travel in the semester program!—and make cities like Paris, Brussels, and Strasbourg your classroom when you study abroad in the European Union.

The European Union is not only an important political and economic institution, but a community of nearly 500 million citizens and one of the largest markets in the world. As the European Union continues to grow in size and influence, understanding the EU and the countries seeking membership, becomes key to understanding Europe and our world.

Are you ready to become a future political leader and study abroad in the European Union?

Languages Spoken: 
English, German
Euro (€)
Time Zone: 
GMT, GMT+1, GMT+2, GMT+3

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