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Welcome to the President's Passport Giving Club, a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of IES Abroad students.

The President's Passport Giving Club is a community of alumni and donors who are passionate about supporting the dreams of young students to study abroad. With your generous contributions, you can make a meaningful impact on the lives of future global leaders, helping them embark on life-changing journeys. Join our giving club by making a $1,000 gift for student travel stipends and become a vital part of the IES Abroad community. Your support can open doors to a world of opportunities for students seeking international experiences.

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“My IES Abroad Scholarships meant I would have an experience I could truly enjoy without being worried so much about financial barriers. Allowing me to have so many experiences that I will never forget and always hold dear and giving me the opportunity to make my dreams come true and live in another country which showed me I am capable of being successful and happy abroad.”
Diana V. • Whitman College • Rome - Language & Area Studies

Why Join the President's Passport Club?

The President's Passport Club is an opportunity to give back and help students achieve their dreams of studying abroad. Your contributions directly fund student travel stipends, enabling them to overcome financial barriers and explore the world. Here's why you should consider joining our giving club.

dublin internship student standing in front of doorway entrance to trinity college dublin

Transform Lives

Your support empowers students to gain a global perspective, develop intercultural competence, and become informed, engaged citizens of the world.

a line of students with a professor walking up the peak of a mountain range

Expand Horizons

By contributing to student travel stipends, you enable students to explore new cultures, languages, and academic opportunities that can shape their future careers.

Students take a field trip to Potsdam.

Foster Global Understanding

Studying abroad promotes tolerance, empathy, and global awareness. Your donation contributes to a more interconnected world.


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