Fuego - Single

Julian Barajas
September 20, 2015
Let’s get one thing straight, y'all
There’s only one thing we need in this life
And that’s the love.
This song’s called Fuego
I’m reppin’ the...
[Verse 1]
All the way down, the Albayzín
Right near where the Alhambra can all be seen
Lives a boy, lives a man and his cat, I mean what a team.
It’s like I’m in a dream, living so supreme.
Wake up for breakfast, wipe my eyes clear
Knowing that my classes are located oh so near.
Ready every morning, a bowl of corn cereal
A cup of yogurt and a muffin, and my hunger's oh so real.
OJ on the side, they call it zumo.
I check the time, I got 3 minutes, if only I had 2 mo(re)
I live just about, a 5 minute walk away,
But I still overlook the clock every day
I gotta run, I gotta run, make it on time,
How am I late for classes but not on my rhymes?
Sprint out the door and I don’t forget to lock it! (Lock it!)
I gotta get to class, I hope I got my keys in my pocket -uh  
And the hook goes…
and the hook goes something like…
do you got the fuego?
Do you got the sol?
Do you got the fuego?
Do you got the...
[Verse 2]
Stumbling down the street with an untied shoelace
I think I’m gonna lose this timed foot-race
Back to back classes but I’m back with a backpack on my back
Lemme back-track, what do I lack on my first day back?
"No pasa nada", is what they say here in Granada,
I look and feel good like I'm rocking Dolce & Gabbana
I turn a corner and there’s the IES Center,
Punch in the code, door opens like “Why yes, please enter."  
Then I stop short and make sure to check my hair
I straighten up my shirt and fix my collar with the greatest care
I hurry up the stairs into mi clase de Spanish
People look at me as if I said something outlandish
I see I get the seat in the sun, but l think I'll manage
With any luck maybe I’ll get a little tannish,
Not the best start to a day but I still smile boldly. 
'Cause every day can be wonderful, that’s what Arthur told me.
[Verse 3] Because, why not?
If I could summarize her summertime eyes
I’d say they were lush with green grass and blue skies
I went to Seville and I just wanted to be back with her
If you don’t know bout now, it’s Granada and I miss her.  
yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah
I got my pencil, got some paper and some wits about me.
This won’t be the first time that I say this proudly
I’m in Spain for my semester studies
And my host Victor makes me feel like were already buddies.
I took a page from Otis and I Tried A Little Tenderness
I’m like Chris when I said Yo, Excuse Me Miss.
Me and the cat are like this, like this,
Fingers crossed we’ll stay close like she’s my baby sis 
I’m talking of course about Lola
she seemed to want to attack me whenever I said hola.
but now were good don’t worry.
I don’t really like cats, but that one’s alright.

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