Boost Your Résumé with an Internship Abroad

Our international internships are the career-making experiences you’re looking for: a summer or semester internship that boosts your résumé while showing you the world.

What’s more, through our internship programs, you’re placed with a reputable company where you can have an impact. Gone are the days of getting coffee or making copies; with an IES® internship, you’re developing professional prowess and putting all of these years of education to real, professional use.

IES Internships' full-time summer and semester internships guarantee you a placement in the field of your choice. You'll gain 25 to 40 hours of hands-on work per week for eight to nine weeks in the summer or 12+ weeks in fall or spring semester.

Alongside your internship, you can enroll in a for-credit seminar to put your internship into professional and cultural contexts and learn from other interns' experiences. During the summer and in select locations, you can even opt into a three-credit foreign language course at no extra cost. You'll intern, explore the culture around you, and succeed in your future career. 

After interning abroad with us, it’s not just that you’ll have something to talk about in an interview. It’s that you’ll have something to talk about for the rest of your life.

Find Your Program

Start exploring internship programs that fit your personal and professional goals. From a full-time internship in Santiago to a part-time internship while you study abroad in Barcelona, we offer internships abroad in nearly all of our locations across the globe.

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Why Intern Abroad

Intern at her placement in a classroom in Vienna

Develop Skills

Our studies show that studying or interning abroad helps you develop valuable job skills.

Become a Professional

These days, internships are a must have on a résumé. So how do you stand out? You intern abroad.

Intern standing in sunny Paris

Join a Global Network

You’ll create a network of contacts with whom you can stay in touch long after you’ve returned home.

Intern sitting at a table in Barcelona

Get a Foot in the Door

An internship abroad creates an opportunity for you to go back in the future. 

Intern at her medical research internship in Berlin

Secure a Job Faster

Nearly three quarters of IES Abroad alumni secured their first job within two months of graduation.

Intern working at a computer with two screens and a camera in Berlin

Earn a Higher Salary

Our alumni earn an average of $6,000 more in starting salaries.

Why IES Internships