Paradise - Single

Julian Barajas
September 29, 2015
Paradise - lyrics [Hook] Don’t you know ‘bout Paradise? Don’t you want it all the time Don’t you know ‘bout paradise Don’t you want it all to be true [Verse 1] My Paradise It’s been about 30 days, I’ve been in Spain, A few days of rain, walking so much my feet hurt with pain, streets with one lane, hug the wall to avoid the traffic train. I miss Maine, but I don’t complain for this main reason of being away. Lemme refrain, I’m away from the comfort, away from the familiar, familiar faces only make me feel like a stranger. I love feeling unknown so I can work to be known, I love feeling alone so I can leave my comfort zone, Ice cream cones, laughing off things that are overblown. People have a direct line to my funny bone. I came here knowing close to no one, I love the challenge of finding some more someones. More than trying to find some Jordan’s or some 1’s. Some time ago I started saying hello, to anyone So shake my hand, I’ll introduce you to everyone... [Hook] [Verse 2] Beggar Dimming street lights, walking home late at night. Narrowing streets turn left, straight, but I keep right I love the way the air smells I look up at the dark night sky and listen to the church bells Drink the water straight from the fountain Look at the moon over the Sierra Nevada mountains. How did I deserve such a beautiful view, at as late as two, I can call this a Paradise or a world fit for me and you. There’s the beggar in the blue, I can’t hear what he’s saying. No attention or money that people neglect to be paying I avoid him, but I’m not quite sure why. I see him pass me by to follow another group of passersby. I watch him as he wanders down for another block. He stopped, looks around then moves on to the next flock. He still has that empty paper cup, that same blue jacket. This elderly man, with the cut up pants and the sadness to match it. Is it wrong if I have all of this money but won't let him have it? If I gave him some money would it go to a bottle or a sandwich? Or something instead of some bread like something more tragic? I sometimes wonder where is the paradise? Where is the magic? [Hook]

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