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Financial barriers should never prevent a student’s dream of studying abroad. At IES Abroad, we recognize that financial need often stands as a formidable roadblock to international education. We are committed to addressing this challenge head-on and have embarked on a journey of data-driven transformation. Imagine the impact of your philanthropy reverberating across the globe! We’re thrilled to partner with you in our newest trailblazing initiative: the IES Abroad High-Impact Scholarship Award Initiative.

Each giving level offers a unique opportunity to make a difference, whether by enabling educational experiences, supporting life-changing internships, or transforming dreams to last a lifetime. Donors can choose the level that aligns with their philanthropic goals and resources, knowing that their contributions have a significant and specific impact on the supported students.

Use the form below to begin your journey as a sponsor. If you'd like to make a one-time gift to support IES Abroad Scholarships, please make a donation.

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$7,000 Global Leader Sponsor

Champion academic, professional, and cultural excellence.

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$3,000 Ambassador Sponsor

Empower change and leadership through internships.

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$2,000 Explorer Sponsor

Support a student's global journey, shaping future leaders.

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