Gazpacho - Single

Julian Barajas
September 12, 2015

Lyrics to "Gazpacho"

[Michael Jackson/Miguel-esque wah]

Ha! [laughter]


Welcome everyone.

For those of you who don’t know, this is JB

and for those of you who do know.

you already know how this goes

let’s go



[Verse 1] 4 days in

First few days felt more like summer camp:

Shining sun, pretty girls, my t-shirt is getting damp 

Awkward ice breakers in this eighty degree heat

“What’s your name? "Where you from?” “Oh Me Three, what street?”

“Do you tweet?” “Gosh, you’re sweet.” “I’m from a path oft not beat." 

After we greet, let's all make plans to meet.

Trip on the cobblestoned street, looking for a bite to eat.

Wandering around our plans are nothing concrete

Already debating between Tapas or Shawarma

Hard to believe that this is just the warm-up.

Where do we go from here but up WAIT WAIT

in Spain it’s not really rude to interrupt! WAIT? WAIT?

Sleeping the siestas, going to fiestas

Everyone loves Barca’s Andres Iniesta

Let’s take a minute to admire these beautiful views

Turn down any street, everything’s new, you can’t lose - uh

uh, uh, yeah

verse 2, here we go yo

[Verse 2]

Hola Julian, me llamo Victor

From that point on this semester couldn’t be sicker

Friends with my host couldn’t have been quicker

and The United States of America I barely do miss her

But I don’t yet feel like a European

But me and Granada were already two pees in, a pod

In your opinion I should've used a lightning rod

Instead I caught this time abroad in a bottle

I’m wasting no time, with my foot on the throttle.

Rustic building from a maze I wanna get lost in,

Wandering through til my legs hit exhaustion,

But the blisters on my feet are just the frosting.

Now listen to my words, this is not a caution,

I will say this quite often, yeah

you might miss your home in Austin, or Boston,

but eat some Gazpacho, you’ll feel Macho, I’m promising -uh


[Poem Outro]

I’m gonna recite a little bit of it to you right now,

it’s not very grammatically correct

but here we go



Estoy in Granada,

Aqui no hay enchilada

en vez, hay tapas,

para navegar, no uses mapas

Es mejor ser perdido y encontrar Gran Via

Esa es la calle favorita mía

Me gustan las patatas con salsa brava

Si no los ofrecen me pone bravo

También sirven tintos de verano

Y todo en la ciudad no es muy lejano

También me gusta comer la sopa Gazpacho

Después de comerla siento muy macho.


Thank you all for listening.

This is Blog Post 1

There will be many more.

This is just the beginning.

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