One Semester. A Lifetime of Possibilities.

From Amsterdam to Nagoya, we have the study-abroad programs you’re looking for. With a semester-long program at IES Abroad, you have the option to create an educational experience that fits your timeline. While studying abroad, you’ll have access to on-site center staff, the opportunity to take classes at the IES Abroad Center or directly enroll in a university abroad, sample local cuisine, and make lasting memories.

All IES Abroad programs include courses for credit, housing, and opportunities to engage with the local community in a variety of ways. Before you leave, we make sure you’re prepared and have the resources to travel confidently. Once you’re there, on-site staff are available every day to help you make the transition to your host country as smooth as possible.

Not sure if a semester program is right for you? Browse our summer programs to find the right fit. Plus, add a summer program before or after your semester program and get $500 credited towards your tuition.

Signs a Semester Abroad Program Might Be Right for You

You Want to Immerse Yourself in a Different Culture
Want to discover life in a different place? Join one of our language-immersive programs and live and speak as locals do.
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You Want Real-World Experience
The experience you gain while interning abroad is not just work experience; it’s cultural, language, social, and professional, too.
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You Want to Learn a New Language
From Spanish and French to Mandarin and Arabic, many of our programs are designed to improve your language skills—no matter what level you’re at.
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You Want to Jump-Start Your Career
By living and learning abroad, students develop sought-after professional skills that not only make them more hirable, but also launch their career.
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You're Looking for a New Adventure
From riding the Great Elephant in Nantes to observing hatchlings head to the ocean in the Galápagos, where will study abroad take you?
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“What really inspired me to study abroad was just to change. You know that when you go somewhere you don't know all the answers to, you're bound to change.”
Kiubon K. • Clarmont McKenna College • Nantes – French Language Immersion & Area Studies