Do You Want to Inspire Others While You’re Abroad?

It may sound cheesy, but it’s the truth: each year, many IES Abroad students say that a Correspondent post helped them confirm their study abroad decision and know what to expect abroad. Sharing your stories as a Correspondent can make a huge impact. 

And what’s more, we value authenticity. That’s why we never edit what our Correspondents cover. Our role is to simply provide a platform to share your story with the world. What you see from our Correspondents is 100% their voice and their experience. And, because we value the work it takes to share these stories, we provide compensation to Correspondents when they complete the program requirements (yep, that means you get paid). 

Why Do It?

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Document and Reflect

Share your experience in your chosen medium (or two!).

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Gain Professional Experience

Build up your résumé and network with real-world experience.

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Get paid!

Receive up to $250 for successfully completing your Correspondent duties.

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Inspire other students to check out your program.

So, What Kind of Correspondent Are You?

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Are you a dynamic writer who shares countless tales with your friends and family? Are you the proud owner of a well-curated YouTube channel? Or are you a talented artist who illustrates your way through life’s twists and turns? Well, then, you just might be a great Blogger. Whether you write, draw, take photos, or make videos, we want your blog to highlight your experience abroad in whatever way makes sense to you.

a student standing against a mural taking a photo


Do you live the world through a camera lens, trying to frame everything  juuust right? Does an artistic challenge excite you? This is exactly the kind of person who flourishes as a Photographer for the IES Abroad Marketing team. We rely on our student photographers to help us show the true study abroad experience. That means you’ll be snapping photos that can be featured on our website, social media, and catalogs.

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Social Media Correspondent

Do you pride yourself on curating the perfect Instagram grid? Or the fact that you always know the latest TikTok trends? Maybe you're constantly sharing mouth-watering food pics, beautiful sunset shots, and your best #OOTDs. Do you wake up and check Instagram and TikTok before you even get out of bed? Then you sound like you would be a compelling Social Media Correspondent. When you post on IG and TikTok about what a day in the life of a study abroad student looks like, you really can help other students follow your journey!

(Psst…do you identify as a Blogger or Photographer and a Social Media Correspondent? No worries, you can do both!) 

“If writing is also how you express yourself best, my strongest recommendation would be to apply to the Correspondent Program since it is a structured chance to reflect on your life in your host country in real time.”
Kat P. • Scripps College • Granada – Study in Granada