Study Abroad [redefined]®

College study abroad is your chance to live and study in another country while earning college credit. Whether you choose to spend a semester, summer, or year studying abroad, your IES Abroad courses and experiential learning opportunities—think internships, experiential learning placements, field trips, and more—are designed to immerse you into the local culture. Because when you study abroad, the world is your classroom.

Study abroad is more than going from here to there. It’s an exhilarating challenge of academic and cultural immersion, plus a whole lot of fun. Our study abroad programs allow you to choose courses based on your area of study and where you want to travel. Other details, like your housing, field trips, and on-site support, are all built into the program. At IES Abroad, we’re committed to offering you incredible international experiences that set you up for success before, during, and after study abroad. Put simply, at IES Abroad, we do study abroad, differently

What Study Abroad Means to Us

student on an Environmental Studies & Sustainability course looking at a leaf with a magnifying glass

Take Courses

Depending on which study abroad program you choose, you can take courses at our Centers abroad, a local partner university, or possibly both. At our Centers, we hand pick the best faculty to teach courses specifically to IES Abroad students through a local context. Course options at prestigious local universities enhance not just what you learn, but how you learn it, and provide you with new perspectives as you join local and international students alike. Direct Enrollment programs provide you with the opportunity to take all of your courses at a partner university.

Student Intern with Mentor in Vienna

Take Courses & Do a Part-Time Internship

Complement your study abroad courses with a for-credit internship and academic seminar as one of your elective courses. With a part-time study abroad internship, you gain hands-on experience and deeper insight into the local professional culture. This experience is not only valuable to your study abroad adventure, but to your career as well.

group selfie of cape town students smiling with kids in the sun

Take Courses & Participate in a Part-Time Community-Based Learning Placement

Many of our study abroad programs offer community-based learning placements and accompanying academic seminars as one of your elective courses. Our programs with a community-based learning component combine coursework with volunteer work so you can give back to the local community while you develop professional and personal skills.