We're an Academic Leader in Study Abroad

Our mission is simple: to provide students with the best study abroad and internship programs possible—which includes the highest quality academic and cultural experiences. 

Since our start in 1950, we have built a reputation for an emphasis on top-notch academics. We consistently refine what it means to be an international education organization, often creating innovations that are the first of their kind. With annual program assessments, student evaluations, and even the prestigious Quality Improvement Process certification, our programs are unique. All programs are overseen by an in-house academic team comprised of highly-qualified global thinkers, many of whom have PhDs. What's more is that we also value the input and thoughtful eye of our Academic Council and Curriculum committee, which is made up of IES Abroad colleagues and elected members of our academic consortium schools.

One of the most ground-breaking innovations to come out of our own academic team is the IES Abroad MAP Series: a rigorous system of assessment that set the standard for all study abroad programs in the field. Sharing these high standards with the field at large is just one way we contribute to the international education community. As a leader in the field, we believe in sharing our wealth of knowledge to strengthen study abroad for all students as a whole and ultimately transform international education for the better. 

What Sets Us Apart

From the prestigious QUIP designation for international education organizations to our partnership with world-renowned institutions, we set the standard for academic excellence in the field. But we don't stop there. On top of our award-winning faculty, every semester,  we continue to develop and refine our portfolio of programmatic offerings through rigorous student evaluations.

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Recognized Quality

The prestigious Quality Improvement Process (QUIP 2A) designation from the Forum on Education Abroad is received by an organization that meets the highest standards of quality in the field.

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Valued Partners

We're proud to partner with more than 275 prestigious U.S. colleges and universities, nearly 100 distinguished international institutions, and top organizations from the study abroad field. 

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Award-Winning Colleagues

Our faculty and staff across the globe embrace curricular innovation, model global citizenship, and create lifechanging experiences for our students.

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Student Evaluation

Because we put students first, every term we survey all students about their academic and personal experiences while on their program, and uses that to inform programmatic improvements.

Academic Leadership

Based at our headquarters in Chicago, the Academic Department works closely and directly with the academic consortium to develop programming and maintain program and curriculum excellence. Our Academic Department features an organizational structure similar to that of colleges and universities.