The Dreamer - Single

Julian Barajas
October 28, 2015

The Dreamer (Señor Sandman) - lyrics



Wake up...


[Verse 1] Dreams

Ma and Pa used to lullaby me with Jackson’s I’ll Be There

5 to 10 five years later I’d be dreamin' 'bout Jess Alba’s hair

Then I matured, went to college, went abroad 

Pa taught me spanish my whole life, still no approval nod

I still replied in English, still defied his teachings

Since I was teething until now, this rebel I was being   

The other night I spoke with Señor Sandman and he told me:

"Here’s some Spanish, I don’t want you to dream in English only."



Don’t wake me up for school, I’m sleeping like a rock, ma

Early morning cartoons it’s Flintstone’s in Pajamas

Fred, Wilma Barney Bettie Rubble and Bam-Bama

I don’t wanna go to school, I don’t wanna go to school!


[Verse 2] I act like a child.

Let me be honest I wanna tell you this truth.

Let’s take a swim in the fountain and start preserving our youth.

Anything to get my mind off of losing my last tooth.

I don’t wanna think about future me sittin' in some booth 

I don’t know if I should take this time stop acting so wild.

or if I should take this time as my last chance to be a child.

Don’t put words in my mouth when I say that I'm mature

I like my alphabet soup and not having to do chores

The other day I was booking some flights when I realized

I can wander the wonderful world I mean for real guys!

I still want my youthful wonder, I still want my charm.

All this semester has done was let me know, I never wanna grow up.


[Hook 2]

What’s happening to us?

Why we feeling it this way?

I don’t wanna be missing home.

I miss you all, can I go home?


[Verse 3] Not homesick but...

I was looking at the land last night from Saint Nicholas

I thought of Arlington and said I swear that I 'aint missing this    

I seem to keep lying to myself but honestly,

I know that I’ve been missing some things subconsciously

I miss my mom’s pasta with the garlic ali oli

I miss my bros, my dogs, and my mami and my papi.  

I miss my breakfast foods like syrup on pancakes 

I miss milkshakes, spicy food and complex handshakes  

There some days where I just wanna pack up and go home

Other times when I just wish that time would just go slow

Two more months here, I swear I’ll make the best of it.

But something tells me come December I’ll be glad that it's the end of it


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