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  • Fashion Consulting
  • Art Studio Management
  • Set Design

Fashion Consulting

A London intern worked for a fashion company that works in partnership with an extensive network of international brands and partners. The intern participated in meetings for product distribution, assisted in market research, and wrote copy for product releases for clients focused on branded timepieces and jewelry.

Intern Abroad in London

“I was able to learn and use IT with a fashion business. It is my major directly correlated with one of my interests.”
Nicholas T. • Penn State University • London – Full-Time Semester Internship

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These placements are not an exhaustive list, so let your IES Internships Representative know if you would like additional examples. Once you confirm to a program, the onsite Internship Coordinator will work with you closely to find an internship placement based on your interests.

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What better way to solidify your interest in a particular career field than through an internship? All of our global full-time internship destinations offer placements in a variety of fields from film to finance to health care and more.

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“Doing this internship exposed me to networking with artists and other curators in Rome. I also was tasked to go to different small contemporary art exhibits around Rome which I never would have done if it weren’t for this internship.”
Mia A. • Occidental College • Rome – Language & Area Studies

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