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  • Modeling Analysis
  • App Development & Design

Modeling Analysis

A Milan intern worked for a research institute specializing in studying new economic models with a focus on sustainability. The intern contributed to project analysis, advisory board meetings, and scientific publications.

Intern Abroad in Milan

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“In one week, I have already seen and done more than I could have imagined, and I still have another three months left.”
Max L. • The George Washington University • Milan – Business Studies

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These placements are not an exhaustive list, so let your IES Internships Representative know if you would like additional examples. Once you confirm to a program, the onsite Internship Coordinator will work with you closely to find an internship placement based on your interests.

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“Coding with a view of the Harbour Bridge truly encapsulates my internship experience. Coming to Sydney, I did not expect to gain this flexible of a new skill with a great view.”
Coleman A. • Southern Methodist University • Sydney

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