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Why Barcelona?

With great influence in commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, and the arts, Barcelona has made its mark as a major player in the global market. Walk to work or take the metro, bus, or tram through this remarkable city of architectural and cultural wonders. Lunch is always an opportunity to sample the best of Mediterranean fare: delicious tapas, the freshest seafood, and Crema Catalana for dessert!

Your Internship

You’ll be guaranteed* an unpaid internship placement at a local business or organization, where you’ll work for at least 22 hours a week. We will work with you to help find the closest match between your expressed preferences and professional goals with what’s available via IES Internships in Barcelona.

Before you go, your internship coordinator will work with you to fine-tune your résumé, perfect your cover letter, and hone your communication and interview skills as we prepare you for working in a new cultural environment.

When you arrive, the staff at our Barcelona Center will welcome you for orientation. This includes an introduction to the city including housing, commuting, and professional and cultural expectations. The Barcelona Center is your central place for instruction, support, and meeting other interns. You also will enroll in a required 3- or 6-credit academic internship seminar with other IES Abroad interns, where you’ll learn about a variety of local business settings and opportunities. You also can enroll in an optional 3-credit Spanish language course.

With IES Abroad’s dedicated staff and international connections, you can be sure that you’ll find an internship that meets your goals. You’ll learn, and learn to stand out!

Past students have interned in the fields listed below. Keep in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive. We encourage students of all majors to apply.

  • Education & Language Instruction
  • Health* (non-clinical)
  • International Business
  • International Relations
  • IT
  • Journalism
  • Law*
  • Marketing
  • Media & Communications
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Psychology* (non-clinical)
  • Tourism

*Some fields may require a knowledge of Spanish. Speak with your IES Internships Advisor to learn more.

Don’t see your field listed here? Just talk to your IES Internships Representative—new internships are always being added!

Daily Life

On the weekends, enjoy Barcelona’s whimsical architecture, wonderful food, fantastic art scene, and laid-back Spanish lifestyle. Depending on your work schedule, you may be able to join IES Abroad-organized cultural events and field trips, as well. (These are available at an additional cost.)

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$5 Million in Financial Aid

We firmly believe that financial limitations should not prevent a qualified student from participating in an IES Abroad Program. This is why we commit $5 million to our financial aid programs.


Our Academic Seminar

While working in Barcelona, you’ll enroll in a required 3- or 6-credit academic internship seminar with other IES interns, where you’ll gain context for your internship placement by examining cultural issues in the workplace. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding workplace culture
  • Improving communication
  • Strengthening work attitude and aptitude
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Navigating issues, challenges, and opportunities so you can succeed on the job in Barcelona and when you return home

You may also enroll in an optional 3-credit Spanish language course taught at the Center.


This is a list of planned course offerings. A final list of course offerings will be made available to you in your MyIESabroad account.

To learn more about IES Abroad’s innovative theoretical and pedagogical approaches to teaching language abroad, refer to the IES Abroad MAP for Language & Intercultural Communication.

Field Trips & Events

Although your adventure begins in Barcelona, our DiscoverIES take you to other great cities in and around Spain. DiscoverIES brings you closer to the Barcelonan and Spanish culture through a broad array of activities that merge together the academic insight provided by field trips and the guidance of our faculty. They provide contrast and context for what you are learning in Barcelona.

All DiscoverIES are an additional cost and availability will depend on your work schedule. Here are a few possible destinations.

Costa Brava
2 Days | Summer
Visit Greek and Roman ruins, the medieval city of Girona, and the “dreamland” of Salvador Dalí between Barcelona and the French border.

Note: IES Abroad DiscoverIES destinations,activities and lengths of stay may vary according to term and availability.

Daily Life

Part of making you feel at home in Barcelona is doing our best to help you feel safe and cared for. Whether it is an orientation program that makes you feel prepared, housing that is well-located and comfortable, or our DiscoverIES that take you to places off the beaten path—we’re all about our student services.


The program begins with a 3 day orientation that introduces you to the IES Abroad Barcelona staff, your fellow students, and the city of Barcelona. Topics such as academics, housing, transportation, extra curricular activities,professional and cultural expectations, and health and safety are covered during this time.


We want to make sure that your greatest challenge is deciding which landmarks to see first or discovering the best café—not finding a place to live where you feel comfortable. We do our best to locate housing that is reflective of how the local students are living. Our goal is that when you leave Barcelona, it will feel like home.

Homestays – Normally, two or three IES Abroad students live in a home with local residents and students share a double room. You are provided two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) while the program is in session.

Apartments – You live with three to five other IES Abroad students in double rooms. A Barcelona Cultural Companion or tutor cultural may also live in the apartment to help you with cultural integration. Apartments have fully-equipped kitchens, and meals are not provided.

Get to Know Your New City

Have Fun in the Sun

Spend time strolling and swimming under the sun along Barcelona's four miles of sandy beaches.

Hike Mount Juic

A climb up this hill offers spectacular views of the city. From here, you can also explore several great museums and the beautiful buildings from the 1992 Olympic Games.

Check Out Some Live Music

From huge festivals to hole-in-the-wall venues, playing everything from electronica to punk, there’s more to Barcelona’s music scene than its iconic Rumba Catalana.

Appreciate the Art

Home to numerous works by Pablo Picasso, the surreal sculptures of Joan Miró, and the fantastic, dreamlike architecture of Gaudi, there’s plenty of art—indoors and out—to inspire you.

Eat, Drink, and Eat Some More!

Catalan cuisine consists of savory stews, fresh seafood, delicious jamón, spicy potatoes, olives, and so much more. Wash it down with a cold orxata (a refreshing drink made from the tiger nut plant).

Program Cost

Consider these prices as a starting point. We encourage you to contact your study abroad office to determine the actual cost to you when factoring in financial aid, scholarships, your home school policies, and other factors.

Term: Summer 2018
Term Tuition Housing Insurance Total
Summer 2018
3 Credits
$5,145 $1,900 $135 $7,180

Summer 2018
6 Credits
$5,665 $1,900 $135 $7,700

Use our budget worksheet to calculate your costs

$5 Million in Financial Aid

We firmly believe that financial limitations should not prevent a qualified student from participating in an IES Abroad Program. This is why we commit $5 million to our financial aid programs.

Our Center

The IES Abroad Barcelona Center is located in the center of Barcelona near the Plaza Catalunya. Features include:
  • High-speed and wireless internet access
  • Multimedia classrooms
  • Study lounges with printers
  • Large outdoor terrace with social and study space

Our Staff

Cèsar Alegre Alsina, Ph.D.

Center Director

Dr. Cèsar Alegre Alsina has been the Director of our Barcelona programs since 2008. He is originally from Barcelona and speaks Spanish, Catalan, and English fluently. He brings more than 20 years of experience in higher education to IES Abroad, including a noteworthy teaching career in the United States, experience in student services, and a strong research portfolio. Before coming to IES Abroad, Dr. Alegre Alsina taught Spanish language, as well as Spanish and Hispanic Culture and Literature at Amherst College for 16 years. He is the author of a book on Hispanic Americans (Scholastic), and has contributed to the Encyclopedia of Hispanic Americans (BRG Oxford) and numerous articles and reviews in American and international journals. Dr. Alegre Alsina received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University, his Master’s degree in Hispanic Literature at Auburn University, and his doctorate from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

IES Abroad Staff

IES Abroad Staff
Samanta Ascaso
Academics Department Assistant

Lorena Chinnici
Outside Courses and Customized Programs Coordinator
Head of Registration interim

Elizabeth Ferreiro
Student Activities and DiscoverIES Specialist

Natalia Gil
Academics Department Assistant

Pilar Gracia
Administration Coordinator and DiscoverIES Coordinator

María Paéz
Internship, Service Learning and Volunteering Specialist

Salvador Ortiz
Head of Administration and Human Resources

Noemí Polo
Student Affairs Coordinator - Health and Safety, Homestays

María Romero
Assistant Dean of Faculty and Faculty Advisor Coordinator

Olga Sánchez
Head of Student Affairs

Beatriz Taberner
Center Administrator and Orientation Coordinator

Ana Tarife
Internship Coordinator and Service Learning Coordinator

Ferran Terés
Student Affairs Coordinator - Apartments

Alex Walker
Director of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

María Mejías
Language Faculty Advisor

Ignasi Pérez
Area Studies Faculty Advisor

Ataúlfo Portela
Language Faculty Advisor

Laura Vázquez
Language Faculty Advisor and Educational Technology