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  • Archaeological Excavation
  • Historical Research
  • Museum Studies

Archaeological Excavation

A Rome intern worked at an archaeological research organization investigating historical sites around the Eternal City. They excavated. documented, and contributed to the research on the digs of cultural heritage sites dating back to 70 C.E.

Intern Abroad in Rome

A photo of a student standing near the Colosseum in Rome
“This internship has helped me build up my résumé and confidence. It was an experience of a lifetime, and my friends and I make up a small number of people who can say they have worked at the Colosseum!”
Francesca C. • Gettysburg College • Rome – Language & Area Studies

Examples of Archeology, History & Museum Studies Internships Abroad by Major

These placements are not an exhaustive list, so let your IES Internships Representative know if you would like additional examples. Once you confirm to a program, the onsite Internship Coordinator will work with you closely to find an internship placement based on your interests.

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“I have learned how to analyze artifacts, wash marble, and deal with the public. It helps me because I want to go into the field of Museum Education, and getting a behind-the-scenes view of how to find artifacts and handling them outside of a museum space is very important.”
Francesca C. • Gettysburg College • Rome – Language & Area Studies

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