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  • Healthcare Startup
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Healthcare Startup

In Dublin, an intern worked at an anonymous Digital Healthcare startup, which offered an interactive digital platform for patients suffering from a range of mental health conditions.

Intern Abroad in Dublin

“Because I am so impressed by the work that has been done while simultaneously maintaining integrity and advocating for the treatment of mental illness, I have been inspired to search for more internships and jobs with companies that are founded on a similar kind of empathy.”
Molly S. • University of Pittsburgh • Dublin – Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology

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These placements are not an exhaustive list, so let your IES Internships Representative know if you would like additional examples. Once you confirm to a program, the onsite Internship Coordinator will work with you closely to find an internship placement based on your interests.

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“I had the experience to attend four conferences across Europe and jump feet first into the clinical trial and digital health industry...as an intern.”
Jocelyn C. • Santa Clara University • Barcelona

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