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We're proud that our students are as diverse as the countries where they study abroad and intern.

From our Initiative to Diversify Education Abroad (IDEA) to our Diversity Scholarships & Financial Aid, we're making study abroad accessible to more students.

With 65+ years of experience, we're here to help you find the best program for you, and to make studying abroad the educational adventure of a lifetime. Simply put, we provide you with the best diversity abroad resources in the field. Whether that's through our online country-specific diversity resources, multimedia materials, or our personal one-on-on advising, we're here to support and encourage you throughout the study abroad experience. If you have any questions about your identity abroad, please contact our Diversity Department by emailing [email protected] or by calling 800.995.2300.

How will studying abroad redefine your world? We can't wait to find out.

Next Steps
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Country-Specific Diversity Resources

Browse resources specific to diversity in a particular country on topics such as dietary concerns; race, ethnicity, and national identity; gender and sexuality; religion and spirituality; disability and mental health; and more!

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LGBTQ+ Resources

We recognize that identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ community while studying abroad can present unique challenges and opportunities in exploring a new culture. We support all of our students and have compiled resources on sexual orientation, gender identity and allyship.

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IDEA Correspondents

Named for our Initiative to Diversify Education Abroad, IDEA Correspondents are students of diverse background, in regards to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation/identity, gender identity/expression, non-traditional major, physical/mental health/learning ability, socio-economic status, and/or as first-generation in their family to attend college, who share how their identities intersect with their study abroad experience.

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Diversity Scholarships

We are committed to fostering and supporting a diverse student body. Our Diversity Scholarships are part of our $5 million of scholarships and aid, and encourage and support students from a range of institutions and under-represented populations.

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Diversity Webinars

We frequently partner with other companies and institutions to host webinars on diversity- and inclusion-related topics. Learn more about key aspects of the study abroad experience by participating in webinars before you go.

Contact Our Diversity Team
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Gretchen Cook-Anderson
Director, Diversity Recruiting & Advising
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Hernando Sevilla-Garcia
Diversity Relations Manager
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Kandice Rose
Diversity Relations Manager

Initiative to Diversify Education Abroad (IDEA) 

We launched our Initiative to Diversify Education Abroad to make studying abroad a learning experience accessible to all students, creating a student body that reflects the diversity of both the U.S. and our college student population. Though we know every student is unique and distinct in your own way, we define a diverse student as someone who identifies as a racial/ethnic minority, first-generation college student, student with financial need, LGBTQ+, and/or is a student who has demonstrated a history of overcoming adversity such as a physical, mental health, or learning disability.

Through this Initiative, we have developed and expanded our financial and informational resources, collaborated with new partners who join us in our dedication to diversifying education abroad, and increased the enrollment of diverse and underrepresented students in our study and intern abroad programs.

We have also built a legacy of partnership with Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-serving Institutions (HSIs) spanning more than 50 years, which includes generations of graduates of these schools among our 120,000+ IES Abroad alumni.

We're Celebrating 10,000+ Diverse Students

Ten years ago, we launched our Initiative to Diversify Education Abroad: an innovative, sustained access and diversity effort that has inspired 10,000+ multifaceted students to study abroad and intern around the world. Join us in celebrating this milestone and a #worldofdifference as we share study abroad stories of underrepresented students.