We’re proud that our students are as diverse as the countries where they study abroad.

Integral in fulfilling our mission is a commitment to the representation and integration of diverse perspectives, cultures, and ideas.

At IES Abroad, we understand that identity must be cultivated and supported in several ways and at multiple levels—from accessibility and inclusiveness of a diverse student body to the learning environment and courses offered. We are dedicated to broadening access and cultivating a diverse, globally-savvy workforce.

We’ve had a front-row seat to observing how study abroad changes people—no matter who they are. Study abroad humanizes us. It expands our potential by honing our language, intercultural, and other skills, and, deepening our capacity for humility, empathy and fairness. It forces us to reconsider how we think about history, politics, migration, commerce, technology, health care, education, and community. We use our knowledge of travel, cultures, and places to cultivate global citizens who reflect the world’s rich diversity. This is our form of social justice. This is our platform for change.

What We’re Doing

And by 'doing' we mean 'have been doing' and 'will continue to do.' In our more than 70 years of educating students around the world, we strive along a continuum of deepening and expanding diversity, equity, inclusion and antiracism at IES Abroad. Our work to best foster an inclusive learning and living community for students and workplace community for staff—in the United States and at our locations abroad—spans the entire organization.  

A group photo of IES Abroad students in Tokyo, Japan in front of a temple.
of students in Fall 2021 enrolled across all programs self-identified as ethnically-diverse.
in year-over-year growth in Fall 2019 of ethnically-diverse students on standard programs.
in year-over-year growth in Summer 2019 of ethnically-diverse students on standard programs.
Dotted map of the world with images of a few locations
in year-over-year growth in Summer 2019 of ethnically-diverse students on Customized & Faculty-Led programs.

Webinars & Virtual Events

Sumaya Elkashif in posing Paris

Trendsetters and Trailblazers: Paving the Way for Study Abroad and Black History

See how three IES Abroad Alumni have made their own Black history abroad and are on their way to impacting future generations of students.

Students explore the rocky inclines off the coast of Dover on a sunny day.

Live From London: Meet the First Beneficiary of IES Abroad’s Charles Merrill, Jr. Endowed Scholarship!

This special IES Abroad Scholarship event featured stories of alumni, whose study abroad journeys in the 1960’s to the 1980’s were funded personally by Mr. Merrill.

Kunst Haus Wien Museum in Vienna

Celebrating Black History Month: A Conversation with Dr. Shirley Marks

Advancement Associate Director Dawn DeBoard interviewed Dr. Marks about her journey from Spelman to Vienna, and then to Harvard, as well as her contributions to the mental health community.

Social Justice-Related Programs

Looking for social justice study abroad programs? Look no further than our handy Program Finder.

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Diversity Statement

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Reach out to the Diversity team if you have any questions about identity-based events, how identity can affect study abroad or internship experiences, opportunities, or more.

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A black woman smiling at the camera with natural curly hair
“I’m freer to be myself; I know who I am in a different language and a different culture because I created that person and held her close and, in the process, became proud of her. I don’t think I would’ve had that without leaving the comfort of my spaces here at home.”
Ashley S. • Brandeis University • Granada – Study in Granada

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Just as each study abroad experience is unique, each location offers a different adventure. So we've made sure to compile diversity resources specific to your host city and country. 

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students attend an LGBT parade