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Meet Taylore Fowler (IES Abroad Vienna, Spring 2013 | Stevens Institute of Technology), is a Project Manager, Creative Production at Netflix. Studying Music and Technology as an undergrad, Taylore chose to study and intern with IES Abroad in Vienna to experience the rich music of the historic city. Read on to learn how studying abroad prepared Taylore for her first job at Disney Music Group, her globally focused role at Netflix, and the next step in her international career!

IES Abroad: As a Music & Technology major at Stevens Institute of Technology, how did you decide to study abroad in Vienna? How did you experience music there?

Taylor Fowler (TF): When reviewing all of my study abroad options, I chose Vienna as I was eager to learn more about my favorite composer—Mozart! I appreciated the program’s course offerings and the opportunity to learn a new language. I loved my time in Vienna and all of the experiences I had. I found myself going to operas and ballets quite often. It was easy to attend events and be immersed in all that Vienna has to offer.

IES Abroad: What are some of your most impactful study abroad memories?

TF: Some of the most impactful memories I had while studying abroad were the relationships I made. For example, I took part in the internship program and worked at Gramola Records (an Austrian label). Being able to work with the team and learn more about the music business on a global level was eye opening. On one occasion, I was even able to attend a live recording session at MozartHaus! 

IES Abroad: After graduation, you worked as a Community Specialist at Disney Music Group. What were some of the most interesting projects you worked on there?

TF: Working at Disney Music Group (DMG) was an incredible experience. The team I joined, Sales & Digital, was lean and hard working. Due to this, I collaborated on many projects ranging from artists (like Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson) to soundtracks (like Moana and Coco). I loved both sides of the business as I could strategize for an artist’s single campaign or collaborate across all segments of The Walt Disney Company for upcoming soundtrack releases. One of the most rewarding projects I worked on was the first DMG User-Generated Content (UGC) contest surrounding the theatrical release of Moana. As a team, we reviewed numerous submissions from individuals around the country who performed their rendition of "You’re Welcome," with the chance to win tickets to the Beauty and the Beast live action world premiere in Los Angeles. Above all, it was inspiring to see how much joy music brought to families worldwide.

IES Abroad: How did studying abroad help prepare you for your current role as Project Manager, Creative Production at Netflix?

TF: Studying abroad in Vienna played a huge part in preparing for my current role at Netflix as a Project Manager, Creative Production. As part of the larger Product team, my role involves ensuring that assets are in the right place, at the right time, in all of the right countries for a subset of Non-English Netflix Originals. I primarily work on films and series stemming from the Nordics (Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland); Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg); Central Eastern Europe; and South Africa. I’m extremely grateful for the experiences I had while studying abroad, such as learning how to live in a different country and working with teammates that do not speak English as their first language. Having the experience of living in a different culture was a huge benefit. Lastly, studying abroad played a big role as I prepare for my next adventure—moving to The Netherlands! I am thrilled to be moving in my current role to Amsterdam in January 2020. I owe a great deal to studying abroad as I get ready for this exciting move.

IES Abroad: Do you have any advice for students considering studying or interning abroad?

MS: Don’t think twice—study and intern abroad! As a student, you have infinite freedom and access to opportunities. As I think back to when I studied abroad, I realize how easy it was to travel and experience a different culture in a heartbeat. Interning abroad also provides a huge advantage in experiencing a company’s culture on a global level. Above all, take advantage of all of the opportunities and be open-minded!

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