New Partnership With Diversity Network

IES Abroad is partnering as a Global Advocate with Diversity Abroad ( on their new membership website, the Diversity in Global Education Network, or the Diversity Network (, aimed at addressing inequities in international education.

Underrepresented students — minority racial and ethnic groups, first-generation-to-college students, students from low-income families, and students with a history of overcoming adversity — face multiple barriers to the benefits afforded through international education. The Diversity Network unites higher education professionals in a common quest to begin addressing these inequities.

IES Abroad’s President Mary Dwyer served as the first participant in the Diversity Network’s Leadership Interview series on their new website, which launched in May 2010. President Dwyer discusses the role of diversity in international education, the projected effect of the economic downturn on underrepresented students studying abroad, and on the success of IES Abroad’s Diversity Initiative.

Commenting on the field’s efforts to diversify international education, Dwyer says, “Diversifying our study abroad student body is in our ethical, political, social, and economic best intersts."

Learn more about IES Abroad’s role as a Global Advocate with the Diversity Network and read IES Abroad President Mary Dwyer’s interview on diversity in international education.

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