Fostering Inclusion with IES Abroad: 2023 HACU & Diversity Abroad Conferences

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December 1, 2023
Colleagues at the Dusable Museum GIC Reception

For IES Abroad staff across the globe, there’s such a thing as “conference season” and it comes twice a year. This year, this included the HACU (Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities) and Diversity Abroad Global Inclusion Conferences and complementary events in our own Chicago backyard. What isn’t seasonal is our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and supporting our students (and colleagues) of all identities and backgrounds.

IES Abroad Staff and Colleagues at the GIC Conference

Diversity Abroad Global Inclusion Conference

Several IES Abroad staff members attended the the Global Inclusion Conference (GIC) from October 31st through November 3rd, hosted here in Chicago by our partner Diversity Abroad. In addition to attending, IES Abroad staff, alongside partners in the field, presented to attendees on the following topics:

Noelle Baldwin speaking at GIC Reception

Thinking Outside the Closet: How to Embrace Queer Joy Like a Gen Z Student 

  • Robin Deering - IES Abroad (College Relations Manager, IES Internships)
  • Kyle Keith - Barcelona SAE
  • Alejandra Torres - Diversity Abroad

Community Instead of Competition: Support, & Encouragement of DEIB Practitioners in Global Education 

  • Noelle Baldwin - IES Abroad (Director, Diversity Recruiting & Advising) 
  • Kyle Keith - Barcelona SAE
  • Kory Saunders - AIFS
  • Darin Smith-Gaddis - CEA CAPA
Noelle Baldwin and Museum Curator and IES Abroad Alum Danny Dunson

Diversifying Career Readiness: Perspectives on Global Internships

  • Robin Deering - IES Abroad, 
  • Quinn McMurtrey - IES Abroad (Diversity Relations Manager), 
  • Kevin Sullivan - Case Western Reserve University 
  • Jannella Perez Torres - Howard University, IES Internships Alum

Approaches to Global Inclusive Excellence: Adopting Curricular Transformation Strategies in Study Abroad

  • Brittani Smit - IES Abroad (AVP, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism)
  • Angela Ellermeier - IES Abroad London (Associate Dean & Director of Faculty)
Colleagues viewing exhibits at the Dusable Museum

During the conference, IES Abroad staff members hosted a reception the DuSable Black History Museum & Education Center, the nation’s oldest independent African American museum named after 18th-Century Haitian-American trader Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. The reception was intended to celebrate the 16-year anniversary of IES Abroad and Diversity Abroad’s partnership and more generally, to amplify the relationship, network with colleagues across the field, and highlight the beauty and culture of the Southside of Chicago.

Noelle Baldwin headshot
“It’s an honor to support a conference like the Global Inclusion. This intentional community and space is unique in sharing best practices, centering marginalized voices, and providing opportunities to collaborate across schools and organizations as we work collectively to make study abroad more accessible. I left feeling more connected, filled with ideas, and strategies on how to better support our students and each other!”
Noelle Baldwin | IES Abroad Director of Diversity Recruiting & Advising
IES ABroad Staff at HACU Reception

HACU Annual Conference

From November 1st through 3rd, we attended the HACU Annual Conference as a long-time partner of HACU (Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities). The HACU Annual Conference is a forum for the sharing of information and ideas for the best and most promising practices in the education of Hispanics. IES Abroad was represented by Customized Program Manager Sherene Awong, who supported our booth in the exhibit hall.

Colleagues at the HACU Reception

To further promote sharing and connection and to celebrate and highlight IES Abroad’s commitment to HSIs and supporting Hispanic/Latinx students participating in global education, we hosted a happy hour for colleagues from campus DEI, study abroad, first-generation outreach, and Hispanic/Latinx student services offices. It was also an opportunity to promote the IES Abroad HACU scholarship, which offers eligible students who attend a HACU member school up to $5,000 or $2,500 towards an IES Abroad semester or summer program, respectively.

“At HACU, I met with prospective students, faculty, and administrators who were curious about IES Abroad and how to increase their global mobility. Janessa Garcia, IES Abroad Rome alum, also stopped by our table and gave glowing reviews of her program. The IES Abroad HACU reception, organized by [IES Abroad Diversity Relations Manager] Ruby Shields, at Cindy's Rooftop was also attended by IES Abroad's Michael Green, Eduardo Diaz, and Nika Protic, Vienna Internship Coordinator. Attendees included Andrew Gordon from Diversity Abroad, an IES Abroad alum, representatives from Fullbright Scholarship program, and local partners from Northwestern University and University of Illinois at Chicago.”
Sherene Awong | IES Abroad Customized Program Manager

We are energized by and proud of the meaningful connections made during the GIC and HACU conferences this (and every) year and look forward to making strides with the colleagues we met going forward, and seeing them again at the conferences next year!

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