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We want to offer you the world. At IES Abroad, we believe that studying and interning abroad is not just for a specific type of student, it is for everyone, no matter how they identify. While we're excited that you've already taken the first step and started looking into your study abroad options (where you want to go, what you want to do, what language you want to learn), we know that as a student of color, or as a non-American student, you may have a few other concerns. What is it like being a Black student Abroad? An Asian student abroad? A Latinx student abroad? A non-American student on a majority-American student program? We've got you!

Browse a collection of IES Abroad and other website's resources specific to the student of color and international student experience.

At IES Abroad, we're here to help. If you have any questions about your identity abroad, please contact our Diversity Relations Department by emailing us at or by calling 800.995.2300. Know of another resource we should add? Let us know!

 IES Abroad Blogs - LGBTQIA+
“But, perhaps, the greatest lesson is learning that my culture is more than skin deep.”
Emily O. • Franklin & Marshall College • Tokyo – Language & Culture

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Just as each study abroad experience is unique, each location offers a different adventure. So we've made sure to compile diversity resources specific to your host city and country. 

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students attend an LGBT parade