What You Should Know Before You Go

Think of study abroad as a formative space where every term a new group of distinct identities intersect in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore a different country and culture.

We’ve seen a positive trend of rising student diversity in U.S. study abroad for more than a decade. As more students of different backgrounds and identities choose to study abroad from U.S. schools, we invite you and other students on our programs to be aware of how important it is for all of us—students, faculty and staff—to participate in creating an environment where all students can thrive while abroad.

All in all, for the purposes of true inclusivity, thinking about identity abroad and its complexities in the context of another culture is something we hope you’ll embrace in advance of boarding your flight for your IES Abroad journey. So, understanding how your own identity may play into your host culture experience abroad can help smooth how you acclimate and enable you to engage more easily and authentically with other students’ and host country residents’ personalities, ideas, perspectives, forms of expression and backgrounds.

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Reach out to the Diversity team at diversity@iesabroad.org if you have any questions about identity-based events, how identity can affect study abroad or internship experiences, opportunities, or more.

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