5 Incredible Student Videos About Diversity While Abroad

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April 1, 2020

Diversity of perspective and experience present us with exciting opportunities to learn from other people. Whether its economic status, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, or religion, we can see the world so much brighter and more vibrant when we look through everyone's different lens. In a world that’s in need of more color, more variety—and most importantly—more love, these five student study abroad films explore one's identity while abroad, as well as the challenges facing many of these students’ host nations today.


1. RABAT | A Film that Answers the Question “Where Do I Belong?”

Feeling too Muslim in America and too American in Morocco, Thamine Nayeem questions her Muslim and American identities after global conflicts force her two worlds to collide. She asks herself the universal question that many first-generation minorities face, “Where do I belong?” This beautiful and touching short film depicts how studying abroad in Morocco, has influenced her understanding of what identity really means.

I Choose Openness by Thamine Nayeem | University of Richmond | IES Abroad Rabat, Fall 2015

2. BUENOS AIRES | Afro-Latinx: We’re Still Here

While studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Charles Hamer created a mini documentary that sheds light on the Afro-Latinos living in Buenos Aires and how a century-old myth that “no black people live in Argentina” still exists today. Through interviews with members of the Afro-Argentinian community, this short film provides a voice to those who are hoping to be heard.

AfroArgentinos: Estamos Aca! by Charles Hamer | St. Olaf College| IES Abroad Buenos Aires, Fall 2018

3. RABAT | You Have to Dig Deep to Find Your Roots

In this 2018 Study Abroad Film Festival Semi-Finalist film, Che Yu faces his insecurities that have developed after years of trying to Americanize himself and battling with his perceived internal racial inferiority. Through his opportunity of studying abroad in Rabat, Chen Yu finds freedom and a group of friends that encourage him to be himself and be proud of his Chinese roots.

Not Your Ugly Asian Dude by Chen Yu | Tulane University | IES Abroad Rabat, Spring 2018

4. AMSTERDAM | Bringing Some Color to Western Europe

This 2018 Film Festival Honorable Mention by Isa Moise focuses on being a minority in Amsterdam and how four women of color reflect on their time studying abroad and their everyday experiences in the majestic city.

A Shared Conversation by Isa Moise | Bates College | IES Abroad Amsterdam, Fall 2018

5. LONDON | Love & Friendship in Unknown Places

This artistic and nuanced short film takes a look into two women’s friendship in London. Themes of love, vulnerability, and acceptance flow from the screen, which will surely leave you feeling inspired to study abroad in London and build a loving friendship like this.

Love and be Loved, London by Neah Grey I American University I IES Abroad London, Fall 2018

Want more inspiring videos and student stories? Follow our Student Correspondents as they blog about their adventures, and watch student films from our Study Abroad Film Festival!

It’s true what they say: Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. Why just see it on your screen? Experience this inspiration in real life as you study abroad or intern with us.

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