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Adventuring Abroad as a Latinx Trendsetter and Trailblazer 🌎

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September 11, 2023

There are so many identities and communities to celebrate within study abroad and beyond! This month, we're focusing our compasses on the bravery and adventures of Latinx students, alumni, and more. Latinx Heritage Month spans from September 15th - October 15th and highlights the achievements, contributions, and influence of the Latinx community.

Our students are exploring the world and changing for the better and we want to share some of those achievements and the ways that they've become Trendsetters and Trailblazers within their study abroad journeys.  Check out the blogs, student voices, and events celebrating our students and alumni, and their heritage and authentic experiences, and explore scholarship opportunities for your own semester(s) abroad! 

Stories in Study Abroad: Making Dreams Come True πŸ“–

Ashley Carrasco-Hernandez Fall 2023

Things I Wish I Had Done Differently

Join Ashley as she reflects on her predeparture experience and venturing abroad as a 1st-generation student

Paulina Morera Quesada Headshot 400x400

My Cup of Tea: My London Study Abroad Adventure

Hear what Paulina has to say about embarking on their study abroad adventure in London. 

Kamora Millan Headshot 400 x 400

Predeparture Thoughts: "Wait, this is really happening?"

Kamora reflects on the excitement and anticipation of study abroad in her pre-departure post.

the truth revealed

9 Misconceptions about Latinx Students & Study Abroad Debunked

We highlight nine perceptions related to Latinx students in the context of international programs. &nb

christian headshot

Interning Abroad as a First-Generation Student

Hear what Christian had to say about finances abroad, being a first-gen student, and more.

headshot of Sergio

DREAMers Abroad | DACA, Identity, and Studying Abroad

Alum Sergio recalls his study abroad experience while illuminating the nuances of a DACA student's jou

Life in London with Lauren-Taylor C. | IES Abroad London 🎞️

  Follow along as IES Abroad London student and intern, Lauren-Taylor C., shares her time abroad on Instagram and TikTok! 

lauren-taylor c. london internship tiktok screenshot
lauren-taylor c. london internship instagram screenshot
ies abroad london internship screenshot

Vamos a Barcelona with Vanessa A. | IES Abroad Barcelona πŸ“…

Vanessa walks us through days-in-the-life as a study abroad student with IES Abroad Barcelona. Check out her TikToks and join her as she navigates the pathways of Spain, connects with friends, and more. 

Vanessa A. IES Abroad Barcelona Day in the Life screenshot 5.23
Vanessa A. IES Abroad Barcelona Day in the Life screenshot 2
Vanessa A. IES Abroad Barcelona Day in the Life screenshot
Patricia L. -  IES Abroad Vienna 2009

Alumni Spotlight | Study Abroad Led Patricia to "Owning It" Abroad 🌎

Patricia Lopez (IES Abroad Vienna | 2009) studied abroad in Vienna before graduating from Boston College. Post-grad, her marketing career has spanned  multiple continents, including being featured in Media Week's 30 under 30. Now, she is based in London as the founder of Academy Healing Nutrition (Academy Healing Nutrition | Holistic Health & Cooking School) and has been a guest speaker for the IES Internships in London, sharing best practices in leveraging study abroad experience in the job search, and tips for successfully returning and working abroad in London. While she is Ecuadorian, Patricia's identity background contributes to the intention of Latinx Heritage month, driving forward the importance of celebrating the globalization of Latinx culture and the ways that it influences and impacts the world around us. 

Read our interview with Patricia as we connect with her on how study abroad has impacted her life and her work as a student from Ecuador!

IES Abroad Buenos Aires

Jumpstart Your Journey with HACU and Scholarships to Study Abroad πŸ’°

Our committment to expanding opportunities in study abroad includes the awareness that students of different backgrounds and identities have unique obstacles to their access to study abroad. The IES Abroad HACU scholarship and partnership provides students studying at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) with a scholarship of up to $5,000 per semester and up to $2,500 per summer term. Learn more about the scholarship and its requirements below! 

To be eligible for this scholarship you must: 

  • Enroll in a summer, semester or full year IES Abroad program. 
  • Attend a U.S. college or university that is a member of Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities (HACU – www.hacu.net).  
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. 
  • Have an expected family contribution (EFC) of $30,000 or less. 
  • Priority given to first generation college students and/or Pell Grant recipients.

Want to learn more about the scholarships we offer to students? Explore our scholarships and aid page for all you need to know. 

group of students for arrupe program

Arrupe College and Funding Study Abroad ✈️

IES Abroad is always looking for opportunities to expand on our commitment to diversity, innovation, and ingenuity in education and experiences abroad. Thanks to our partnership with Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago, in the summer of 2022, we had the chance to do just that. We’re now celebrating three years of our partnership with Arrupe College, enhancing the opportunities for students abroad with a funded IES Abroad customized program. We also host interns from Arrupe in the Academic Affairs department, helping further their professional development through various avenues.

Our Customized & Faculty-Led Programs offer faculty from colleges and universities within our consortium to create a unique program experience for their students abroad with the chance to receive up to $15,000 in funding. Learn more about Arrupe and our other Customized & Faculty-Led Program offers at https://www.iesabroad.org/advisors-faculty/customized-programs#overview.

Build Your Community and Support with Resources Abroad πŸ—ΊοΈ

Explore more of the resources available for the Latinx student experience.

We’re proud that our students are as dynamic as the countries where they study abroad. Learn more about our Initiative to Diversify Education Abroad and explore our identity resources.

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