Highlighting AAPI Trendsetters & Trailblazers with our IES Abroad Correspondents

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May 8, 2023

This year, we've set out to celebrate many of our amazing Trendsetters and Trailblazers in study abroad — students who have paved the way for the future of an ever-expanding world! Trendsetters and Trailblazers: Paving the Way for Study Abroad kicked off in February to acknowledge the dynamic stories of our IES Abroad students. We figured it can only rightly follow with honoring the journeys of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) friends,  colleagues,  and students. We're commited to showing that our identities help shape our stories and our worlds, showing just how incredible our backgrounds can be as they are shared and explored across countries, languages, and more.  We are as determined as ever to do our part and give our students the resources they need to be 100% themselves abroad.

This month, we're amplifying the voices of AAPI students and staff in a multitude of ways, but here are a few pieces from our IES Abroad AAPI community that we thought would be great to shout out to the world.

If you're interested in learning more on how to help stop hate-based harassment and support the local AAPI community, consider joining trainings and accessing local resources available to you, too!

Our Latest in Writing & Film

jacob chan headshot spring 2023 blogger

Being Asian-American Abroad: The Madrid Experience

Jacob shares his experience being Asian-American in Madrid.

IES Abroad 2022 Correspondent of the Year Interview

Avery explores his time abroad in an interview.

lily nannini spring 23 headshot

Time is Money

Lily dives into a new perspective on time and money during her travels.

How to Pack Like A Pro

Rudrayani shares tips on packing and encourages traveling smart and light!

Food as an Expression of Culture

Sanny explores food and culture in Spain alongside her Korean heritage.

Student Correspondents Featured on the IES Abroad TikTok

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